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Driver replacement for Silverline Minuets.
@ Rbrowne ... Good point. I have to constantly think of driver replacements in terms of pairs if I want to maintain synergy. Thanks for the reminder. 
Driver replacement for Silverline Minuets.
@ Timrhu ... I've contacted Silverline and yes, they are very helpful and can easily get what I need from them directly. I was simply trying to save a little $$$ and wondered if I was able to purchase from a supplier like Parts-Express and the lik... 
Driver replacement for Silverline Minuets.
@ Roxy54 ... I believe you're indeed correct about Alan Yun using Dynaudio drivers, but the Minuet drivers certainly don't look like the Dynaudio's I'm familiar with although I could easily be mistaken. I think he uses Dynaudio's further up in the... 
Proac 50 Tablette vs. Tablette 50 Sigs
@ both "Cardinal" and "Ryder" - Thank you both for your input. I agree with both of your assessments on the 50 Sigs and Ref 8 Sigs in a separate but equal way. I now regret selling my 50 Sigs but had a better system match at the time with a pair o... 
What companies, out of Business, did you LOVE???
Acoustic Electronics Air 2.2 power amp from the early 80's. I believe a fellow by the name of Roger Paul designed these amps. John Iverson Electron Kinetics Eagle amps and David Berning amps all designed during the 80's. 
Which is the most tubelike solid state amp around
I'd like to chime in with Electrocompaniet gear. I use a pair of AW 220's with an Electrocompaniet 4.7se preamp and find the combination to be open and detailed without the sometimes harsh edge of solid state. 
Bi-amp vs. Mono
"Bdgregory" - thanks for the link to the thread answered by Steve McCormack. I've read several technical explanations between VERT vs. HORZ bi-amping. Steve's explanation is by far the most simplistic and straightforward. I've decided to go the VE... 
MusicDirect On AMEX Commercial
Hey "Puch", saw the commercial lastnight and thought about you and JD's crew. I remember JD in his basement with his dog as his only assistant. The Response 1.5's sound better than ever. Great exposure for MD & JD! Congratulate him for me. 
3 channel ht .... pro logic vs dd
"Mezmo",Very informative. Thank you for helping me make my audio choices. Alb24 
3 channel ht .... pro logic vs dd
"Deanster",Thank you. That is precisely the kind of info I desparately needed in coming to a conclusion. Very helpful!Al 
Kinergetics KBA 380 / Angstrom 100 pro/pre HT exp.
"Bigkidz", "Bea",Thanks for your helpful inputs. Both of you confirmed my gut feelings towards these pieces. It's nice to know that members are out there in times of "audio uncertainly".Thank you,AL 
Wall panels to control brightness
Thank you evrybody! Your advise has all been priceless. Fellow audiophiles that are willing to help out are the best tweak I've EVER had in any of my systems bar none! To top it all of, ITS FREE! Thanks for sharing a fun and sometimes neurotic hob... 
Audio Valve Eklipse vs Other Tubed Pre-Amps
Imrer,Thanks. Very informative responses. Instead of switching gear around, I own several speakers. I'll swap them out when I want a certain sound characteristic. To name a few that I own; Eggleston Fontaines & Isabels, ProAc Tab 50 Sigs, B&am... 
AudioMeca vs. AudioAero vs. Electrocompaniet
All good choices. I know a guy who sold his ECM-1 MKII for an Audio Aero Mephisto. That is the player to get. I have a brand new ECM-1 that I might be moving out soon to get a Mephisto. Any interest, let me know. Granite Audio also makes very good... 
Audiogon Ethics
It is all about ethics and threshold of ones moral convictions. I recently bought a unit from a member at a price considerably less than its value. I had all intentions of keeping it based on reviews. It turned out to have terrible synergy with my...