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Nearfield passive speaker recommendations please (ATC SCM11 vs KEF LS50 meta)
A standard 2 way should be fine for 4 feet away. Coaxials generally shine much more on a desk setting where you may be above or below the tweeter axis and closer than where a 2 way can achieve acoustical summation, so listening distance of say 1-2... 
Looking for recommendations for a pair of full range speakers for ~8k or under
KEF Reference 1s dig very deep for a stand mount, generally easily down to 30hz in-room, and have very good imaging and soundstage seperation. 
All NEW Paradigm FOUNDER SERIES...Could they be Paradigm's best speakers yet ?
Oh no doubt you can make as good of a speaker with aluminum drivers. But with those high end materials deployed will result in a very large price tag, and then you would also assume quality, driver matching, and the cabinets will be a lot better, ... 
All NEW Paradigm FOUNDER SERIES...Could they be Paradigm's best speakers yet ?
Passive speaker competitors to the Genelec 8351B or the Dutch and Dutch 8C would be nice, but they are possibly simply beyond what’s possible with passive crossover components. My hope is Paradigm does a high end refresh with Founders design and m... 
All NEW Paradigm FOUNDER SERIES...Could they be Paradigm's best speakers yet ?
They have the potential to. We’ll have to see how the Spinoramas stack up. I guess after the poor anechoic measurements of the Persona they are trying to project engineering excellence, especially with the point source WMTMW coaxial, and the deep ... 
New Dynaudio Heritage Special..?..!
I’d like to see a Spinorama of the Heritage Special. The Special 40s had pretty bad measurements, to the point even Danny Richie at GR Research felt the need to re-do the crossover (altogether his design simply trades off a 1K peak for a 3K peak). 
Joseph Audio Pulsar 2 Graphene Placement & Break-In?
Plug the port or run room correction. Bass is omnidirectional so it can be equalized without any detriment on the directivity side. 
Full Range vs Trad xover design
Why not both? There's no evidence full range drivers are any better than coaxial designs, if anything there's plenty of evidence they are way worse. 
Kef Blades (1), being auditioned...please share your experience. you look at the horizontal dispersion characterstics of the Blade, they are a bit on uneven side past 30 degrees off-axis. The newer Reference and R series are a lot better in this regard and s... 
Bookshelf speakers that project voices well
Wide dispersion speakers are good for vocals. Elac, Revel, Genelec are good ideas. 
Ls50 wireless II vs separates with passive speakers
LS50 Meta with SHD Power ($1499) is a good choice IMO.SHD Power has amp, network streaming + Dirac Live.Also if you decide to active later it has digital AES outputs so you can run Dirac Live with your active speakers.LS50 Meta + Dirac Live should... 
KEF reference line revamp ??
The LS50 refresh was more of an excuse to fix the obvious 2k peak issues it had.I think refreshing Reference line would require more new technologies than just the metamaterial.The blade series is much older, they will probably refresh that first. 
ls 50 metas compared to floorstanding speakers
are bookshelf speakers generally better for nearfield listening than 3 way speakers? what is the "boundary" between nearfield vs. not? 3-ways are perfectly fine for the nearfield in a coaxial arrangement. In a vertical array with offset drivers... 
Anyone Successfully Go from Floor Standers to Bookshelf Monitors w/ Subs?
Depends on your listening level. If you listen loud in a large room, then I would stick with 3-way bookshelf speakers. You want something that has a driver that can be dedicated for mid-bass (assuming a 80hz crossover) that can play the 80-200hz r... 
Speakers for Computer
Depends on your budget. If you just want the best, I'd say the Genelec 8331s + subs are probably as good as you can get for a desk-style PC sound setup.