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Heads Up: ARC is introducing the new SP-20 in Fall
Electronics retail/cost is about 5/1. 13k/5 = $2,700 ARC cost to build. 
Brian Wilson/Jeff Beck
I'll be going so i'll let you know 
Magico S5 vs Tannoy Westminster Royal SE
Kiddman, thoughts on Tannoy Kingdom Royal ? 
Best Active Crossovers?
Pass Labs XVR1. Analoge xover. 
Jeff Beck Rock-n-Roll Party
Love walking in the sand 
Best Live Album Ever...
How about James Brown Live at the Apollo ? 
Grace Potter and the Nocturnals?
I was in the front row right in front of her when she came to Chastain here in Atlanta. Great legs - I mean sound. The band really rocks. - Jim 
Does 'Accuracy' Matter or exist ?
Jax, There probably isn't a right answer here but let me take up the case for accuracy in hi fi equipment. If you are a musician playing a live event you most definately are interested in what the room ( a hi fi equipment surrogate) is doing to yo... 
Wilson Benesch ACT
I had them for 6 weeks. They are not to my ears fatiguing. They utilize a silk dome tweeter which if anything is on the soft side. They are ,however, very neutral which may not be to everyones taste. 
Live vs. recorded
Shadorne, Steely Dan is a perfect example of a band trying as hard as possible to play and record straight " on the beat". Jazz ( real jazz anyway) and blues players play a little off or behind the beat which creates a swing or a sense of soul in ... 
Does the ARC Ref5 sound better than Ref2/3 ?
You might want to repost about the Ref 5's bass after 600 hours. It will continue to improve. 
JL Audio F113 or F112 For Dynaudio Confidence 5
It isn't common knowledge that Rels are better than JL Audio for 2 channel. The sealed Jl's are fantastic for music. I have had both in my home and the Jl's were clearly better than the stadiums I tried. Rels measure notoriously poorly. Whether th... 
Best blues guitarist, Clapton or Green
I'm with Pep21 
Lucinda Williams live
Again, what you are witnessing on the road is her very serious narcotic habit and her depression in its varying stages. It is actually quite sad but it is not a "put on" or a "contradiction" in the usual sense. Rock and roll is full of male artist... 
Lucinda Williams live
Notec, Steve Earl has been through ,what, seven wives ? His inability to get along with any female is most likely his own problem. Lots of seasoned vets stop their shows and start tunes over. I don't like it either but it happens. Recently I saw H...