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Budget integrated amp needed
Rega. They respond well to minor tweaks and often impress.  
Pair of REL with their upgraded Speakon cable (blue).  If you enjoy that and have the room, go for the array.  They are game-changing. A little goes a long way if you have the quantity. 
Need help buying new speaker cable
Larry:Sorry to hear about the damage. Are the cables beyond repair? I own the Robin Hood Silver (8ft pair, bananas), and I think they are a fantastic value.  That said, and I hope I'm not about to embarrass myself here, but out of curiosity, I pic... 
Time to flex... 
Good 2 channel integrated amplifier for 702 s2 under 3k?
Never Use HiFi-Exquis - Worst Merchant Ever!
AMEX should have your back.   Don’t get me started on banks, and I stopped taking cards.  You should be fine.   
Best Bang for your Buck DAC ?
AME ADI-2 is fantastic, but your use-case may warrant allocating your budget differently.  Family-friendly?  Snag a Sonos Amp and treat the power properly, euphonic and simple.  Hegel H95 if you want to spend more.  At that price point, to my ears... 
Chord Qutest + MScaler
People underestimate the ability of the MScaler to do its work even if it doesn't increase the resolution.  I've found running to it via optical to an integrated amp (24/192) can yield stunning results with an AK449X chip-based DAC or a TI-based D... 
Building a house
Best Server To Run Roon Core
The new Mac Mini (new M1 chipset) is dead silent, inexpensive, and if you configure it properly, it is a fantastic option.  I’m running it on treated power with an Oyaide C7 for the mains.  Get a quality network cable, shut off Bluetooth and WiFi,... 
If you stream music from the internet, I can't recommend this more highly
TP-link media converters (RJ45).  Treat the power.  They’re inexpensive and very effective.  
BS Node 2i: WiFi or Ethernet..?
The problem with the 15’ run is that you’re potentially introducing noise from your router, so treat that either way, but that impact will be more pronounced with a longer run.  Then, there’s the price.  I’ve toyed with Monoprice Entigrade as a ch... 
If you stream music from the internet, I can't recommend this more highly
Folks, what about a simple pair of TP-Link converters, high-grade fiber optic runs (you can keep them short) and a top-notch Ethernet run on both ends?  Feed them with clean power and you have a solution under $100 for each isolation point.  I use... 
Do active speakers interest you? Also, let's talk directivity
I’m running a pair of Focal Core 6 Be 40th on stands balanced direct from my TT2/MScaler stack.  Took a long time to break in but I love it.  Still searching for that ideal interconnect.I think if you treat “the chain” well—use quality cables, tre... 
Is business that good ?
Just wait a few months, I’m prototyping a streamer that already outperforms almost anything under $10k.  I’m listening to it right now.