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best SACD player
@tim_p hi, have you compared both? I mena the rubi vs the D 07x? Would be interested to know. Maybe some insights about the Luxman D05u ? Im considering some of this: Luxman D05u Marantz saki ruby Denon dcd 110  
What cable companies make the best cables and sell them directly?
Check audio sensibility web page if you are truly looking for cables.  
Pass Labs XA30.8
Thanks sim audio nerd, very helpful information. Just wanted to ask you if you have tried some other speakers with the 30.8? I currently own a apir of bookshelf 86 db sensibility , I get decent and enough levels with the moon 330 at 65 db on my pr... 
Pass Labs XA30.8
Sim audio nerd Iy would be interesting to know if you finally got the car 30.8 and which are your impressions compared with the moon 330? Thanks  
What are your favorite recordings that sound best to you?
Personally I found Patricia Barber café blue recording too hi Fi, I mean it doesn't sound real for me, it's a bit sci Fi. But it might be my system, anyway, some of my reference recording that gives me goosebumps are this: Sam Cooke / night beat ... 
Products you added to your system in 2021 that made most impact to your music enjoyment
Many cables swapped for better ones but the high fidelity reveal power and interconnects were an amazing Surprise about how the system improved! Very recommend, I don't see in my audiophile future not having s high fidelity cable somewhere in my s... 
Nordost Power Cables - my latest experience
Hi agisthos, it seems like you have plenty of experience with high fidelity and nordost, could you mind sharing your thoughts their differences? And at the end which ones are you using more ?Thanks 
Confession of a poor power cord pairing for a Pass Labs XA-25
Very helpful information, Thank you coachpoconnor! 
New Marantz Model 30
I just received the Denon dcd 110 limited edition sacd player, compared with the oppo 103 it's s huge improvement. The Denon is very clean, highs are more real, you could say a velvet highs. The mids I thin is the better improvement, it gave s lot... 
Confession of a poor power cord pairing for a Pass Labs XA-25
If you paired with the kefs it's enough answer, tank you. If you mind, what sonic difference you found between the nuforce sta 200 vs the xa 25? There was something that the nuforce sounded or did better to you than the pass? Very appreciate your ... 
Confession of a poor power cord pairing for a Pass Labs XA-25
Hi coachpoconnor, I currently running a pair of 86db sensitivity speakers with a nuforce sta 200, and also very interested to get a xa 25. First great to know it's a definitive improvement! But I was wondering what speaker are you driving and if y... 
Denon dcd 110 or Marantz saki Ruby?
Thank you for your comments, I will keep looking for a Ruby. 
Improvement over nuforce sta 200?
The wall behind the speakers is 10f with a window that covers 3/4 of it with a thin courtain, the distance between each speaker is 7f, the distance from where I set to the center between the speakers si 9f. The acoustic of the room should be on th... 
Reasonable high end interconnects: without breaking the bank
Another vote for audio sensibility, just read all the knowledge in their Web, really good cables and prices  
Class D Technology
http://www.hifi-advice.com/blog/review/analog-reviews/amplifier-reviews/nuprime-st-10-power-amp/The nuprime should be considered more seriously, is not just one of the best class d, but one of the best under 10.000 usd maybe, here is compared with...