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Danish loudspeakers: Dynaudio & System Audio
Wim1983, If you haven't decided yet about speakers, I have just remembered one more british brand, namely EA - Acoustic Energy. Some of their monitors are front-ported 
Danish loudspeakers: Dynaudio & System Audio
Wim1983there is such a instruction in my Dynaudio owners manual:"To minimize low frequency reflections, which will be heard as a thickening of the sound, the loudspeaker models can be adapted to the room’s acoustic character by using foam plugs in... 
Danish loudspeakers: Dynaudio & System Audio
I am the owner of Dynaudio standmount speakers. I agree that the front-ported speakers (or compression ones) are more suitable for the placement closer to the rear wall or in a rack. ATC is becoming increasingly popular English speaker brand. I li... 
First Turntable Advice
Aubadge, keep in mind that the "turntable" consists of three relatively independent sections; rotating disc, tonearm and phono cartridge. Each of these components contributes to the quality of the sound of the "turntable". 
Impact of speaker stands?
There are many articles on the internet about the speakers stands (use Google). There is also the litrerature dealing with this subject, for example Jim Smith: Get Better Sound. However, the stands must be rigid and must damp the vibrations as muc... 
Feickert blackbird, kuzma 4 point which cartridge
My suggestion is Benz LP-S. 
Kuzma 4 point and SME 20
Fosse, if nobody has experience with this combination, contact Kuzma directly - I'm sure he knows that and he will answer you. 
Dynaudio speaker stands 4 or 6?
I have stands 4 in chrome finish, which match nicely with the furniture (with chrome feet). However, as seen from their website - - chrome finish is no longer availab... 
KEF Model 207/2 seems to me similar to B&W 800 Diamonds, but cheaper. 
Where do you go after a Dynaudio C1 ?
Vienna Acoustics Klimt The Kiss loudspeakers came into my mind. I have heard them and they sounded great. I own C1s also, but I will replace th... 
kuzma stabi
Read here 
Kuzma 4Point Tri-Planar
4Point was highly praised by Michael Fremer in Stereophile 
What are
I agree with Misstl that the greater mass of the LP record is no garantee for better sound ('speaking' from experience). I most enjoy listening to the Decca/London Phase 4 Stereo records. 
Good turntable needed, need recomendations.
Take into consideration also: VPI Classic, Thorens TD-550 and Kuzma Stabi Reference. 
CartridgeCompatability:Arm/Amp Most Important?
The choice of the cartridge depends on the characteristics of the arm (and the budget of course). The basic rule is that the arm must have an optimal weight in relation to the compliance of the cartridge, which is determined by their resonance fre...