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Looking for a new phono preamp
I am using an ELAC Alchemy series PPA 2, having moved up from A Musical Surroundings phonomena¬† II+.. I am very pleased with it and it is within your $ range, has SE and¬† XLR inputs and outputs and variable loading plus gain option. Fremer liked i... 
Choice of cabless for Focal 714V
Thanks, I think they sound very good so far. 
Recognizing great service? Audience and Parasound
John of Audience offers tremendous service and support. 
Where to Buy Audiophile Recordings with a Smile
Irvington Music in Oregon is a good choice, I have had great experiences with them, accurate ratings, quick response, easy to deal with. Irvmusic.com 
Headphone amp for Sennheiser HD 600/650?
I am using a Woo Audio WA6SE with my hd 600s and 650s. I am also using Stefan Audio Arts and Cardas cables with these phones. Great match, imo. 
Prima Luna Dialogue series, is it worth the money?
All I can say is I love by DiaLogue Two which I purchased used. Ask Upscale Audio to let you konw when a used one becomes available, you will not be disappointed. Great value. 
Debating between Hybrid and Tube Integrated Amp
I think you could use something like heavy duty screen mesh to cover the primaluna tube cage (Which is already protected by enclosed sides) to prevent your kids from actually touching the tubes. Check it out with a call to upscale audio which migh... 
Tube Integrated Amp for Dynaudio Focus 140
I would highly recommend the Primaluna DiaLogue Two using KT 120s and its 4 ohm output. I recently switched to this integrated after using solid state for many years, and now there is no going back! 
SDS or phono stage
Get a decent strobe disc from KAB and see how your current setup looks via 33 & 45 rpm, using the srobe disc on top of a record and with your record clamp. Then purchase a used SDS for around $800 or so. They both made a noticeablle difference... 
Record cleaning fluids
I like all the products of Audio Intelligent, especially their no. 6 one step cleaner. It saves a lot of time and money. 
Sennheiser 650 Headphone Cable Upgrade
Check out Stefan Audio Arts (SAA)9 I have found their cables (endorphine and equinox) to be excellent for both the HD600 and the HD650. Their construction is excellent and they sound absolutely stunning. Check the threads on Head fi for SAA and Se... 
PRIMA LUNA owners, what power tube are you using?
With my DiaLogue Two, I am happy with the Primaluna KT 88s that came with it and based on the comnents above, I am glad I did not try the KT 120s as I was planning to do. 
incredible inexpensive speaker
Goodtube integrated
There is a primaluna dialogue 2 for sale on audio asylum currently if you are interested. 
Goodtube integrated
I am using a ptimaluna dialogue 2 with kt88s and it a great, well made, self biasing integrated that is very musical, It replaces a set of spectral dma50s. I got mine used from a dealer for $1750, and am very, very pleased with it. Upscale Audio o...