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Opinions on Montana EPS MK 2 speakers
The Montana Loudspeaker line is excellent from top to bottom. They are efficient enough to be run by lower power and are in fact quite enjoyable but IMO they really come to life with 100 watts or greater. I have a pair of EPX that I run with a PAS... 
arguments against starting a vinyl collection?
If you hold those perceptions you stated as absolute truths than maybe vinyl is not for you. I have completely switched 100% to vinyl and I have no regrets. If a person goes at it with the same gusto as you went after building your digital playbac... 
Which allround speaker ?
Montana speakers by PBN Audio are excellent all around performers. The EPS2 would be a good model to check out.ATBJeff 
Looking for Almost Full Range Speakers
How about PBN Audio's Montana SPI's? These have replaced Peter's SP3s that were very highly regarded. The Montana speakers are very easy to drive and have excellent bass. Your stated desires describe the Montana speakers to a tee.ATBJeff 
Buddy Miles
Ausjoe,Thanks for the post. I found him to be a very fine drummer and I always enjoy my Band of Gypsys recording.RIPATB 
Who is your favorite jazz pianist
Oscar Peterson, Gene Harris, Bud Powell, Horace Silver, Bill Evens, T. Monk and Mcoy Tyner just to name a few. 
Help,Allaerts or Transfiguration
Oem,Transfiguration cartridges are excellent values for the money. They are easy to listen to and just seem to make the music sound right. They do not focus on one aspect of Lp playback but seem to do alot of things well. The Phoenix is the 2nd in... 
Review: Sumiko Speaker Set Speaker
I appreciate you taking the time to write about you experience. I have witnessed this first hand at the Sumiko dealer by us. They had the the Elipsa's setup with their reference BAT system and I thought they sounded very nice. After a month or so ... 
Jeffs Sound Values in CA. PH not working/closed?
I know it is not an health issue. I think it's just a sign of the times. I felt that they always did a excellent job and were a pleasure to deal with. 
Jeffs Sound Values in CA. PH not working/closed?
Sorry guys, Jeff's is now out of business. 
Review: Basis PSTT Interconnect
Phaser,Thank you for the wonderful review. It sounded like it took tremendous time and effort. I run all Basis and I think the quality is fantastic. Thanks again. 
Most Influential American Musician of All Time?
Woody Guthrie the song writer. 
it all sounds good, but.....
I have to agree, the resolution of a good LP playback system is truly the best, IMHO. 
New TT ideas please
Doug,I am sorry I cannot agree with your assesment of suspended tables. Basis units will give you plenty of slam and low end. I have also found them to be quick, nimble and very natural sounding. I have owned both fixed and suspended and the Basis... 
New TT ideas please
I agree with Hevac1, the Basis tables are very reliable and the Vector arm is an excellent performer with many cartridges. Good Luck.