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Which songs/albums take you back to college?
College '89 - '93Phish - "Junta"Jerry Garcia band - ST Love and Rockets - Earth and Sun and MoonInstantly back in a cramped room packed with good friends. 
To big to fail? What road are we headed down?
I always take the tape off by unhinging the opposite side, opening up the case, twisting the cover free of the tape, pulling the other half of the tape off, then reattaching the hinges. Super easy, super quick, still some sticky residue, but not t... 
Don't you love it when this happens?
Mofi - Love that one! 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
I got a long eve in front of me. My favorite out of town record shop had a huge clearance sale on the day I happened to drop by. Tonight should be Paul Simon "Rhymin Somon", Little Feat "Hoy Hoy", Keith JArret "Koln Concert" Calexico "Descamino", ... 
When will rap music be less mainstream?
I'll check into DJ Diplo. Thanks, man! Have fun! 
what are the "must have" CD's
I often start off with Norah Jones. Her stuff generally sounds pretty good and people usually hear it sounding pretty bad. 
Mark Knophler; recommended music??
I'll put in a vote for his latest, "Get Lucky", but you can't go wrong with any MK mentioned. Nick Lowe's "At My Age" is great too. Same genre, laid back, but not too far back and great sound as well.James Hunter's "People Gonna Talk" is a really ... 
Top 2009 recordings
Kmulkey - That wasn't one of them! And yes, one was work, also wallet.Drubin - Thats a bit older than 2009, but they do affect the wallet ;) Jax2 - thanks! I'll check into a few of those. I've been realy enjoying the Gardot, and heard a couple by ... 
Do you ever wonder?
Kid Rock 
When will rap music be less mainstream?
Man, leave a thread for a couple of days ... :) 
Favorites Alone In Quiet Darkness
Portraits in Jazz - EvansGillian Welch - RevivalCalexico/Iron and Wine - In the ReinsBeyond the Missouri Sky - Haden and Metheny 
When will rap music be less mainstream?
Bongofury -Cool I'll check a couple of those out. I passed on the first Cold War Kids but thought I'd keep my eyes out for new stuff. I've heard a few off the Vampire Wknd and they sound pretty fun. Have to check that out.Don't know if you've hear... 
When will rap music be less mainstream?
Entrope -How do you like the new Rosanne Cash? I keep coming back to it... 
Turntable/Arm/Cart for Classic Rock; $1500 budget
I found a used Linn LP12 with arm, cart, and pro set up for about 1200 (CN) and was happy with it for a year. I've since upgraded it an am even happier. Take a listen to one first, though, to make sure you like it but I liked it better than a new ... 
Live infectious funk jams....quality recordings
Oh man, that Hathaway disc is incredible! I can barely read the cover its been pulled out so many times!