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Would you buy a pair of speakers by just looking at the measured freq. response?
While the ears can tell the difference in sound between a paper cone, aluminum, ceramic, soft dome vs. hard dome, is there a measurement out there that can measure these things?  
Evaluating Equipment-induced EMI noise in one’s audio system
There may be noise but the equipment rectifiers will filter out most of the noise, so the EMI noise may not be the main culprit because it will be filtered out. Another thing to consider about the power conditioner or power regenerator is they lo... 
How rare is an audiophile
Does it count to be an audiophile if one has a home theater system?  
Why do almost all women today hate home audio?
Women probably wonder why men don't like diamond they way they do.  
In a speaker crossover, are film inductors directional or have polarity?
If you're referring to foil inductors, then they do not have polarity.  You can hook up either way it should be fine.  
AUDIO SCIENCE REVIEW and $50 to spend.........
There are something that is difficult to measure.  
Is a FLAT response the IDEAL?
No,no,no.  You guys got it all wrong.  Regardless of any non-linearity of your hearing or from the environment, you want you playback hardware to have a flat frequency response.  
New LessLoss Blackground 10x Power Base
raysmtb1, fyi  
AUDIO SCIENCE REVIEW and $50 to spend.........
Hi Amir, How would you propose we measure the LessLoss BlackGround 10x Power Base :-)?    
New LessLoss Blackground 10x Power Base
So you plug it into the same outlet that your audio system is plugged into?  
Question about RAM
My guess is there are two modules.  Each module is 8GB.  Total is 16GB (2x8GB)  
Hi Rez Files need 5 Mbps - Just in case you were wondering.
So  96000 x 24 x 2 ~ 5mbs ?  (2 because of left and right channel?)  
AUDIO SCIENCE REVIEW and $50 to spend.........
^ Are they related?  Seem to enjoy posting.  
AUDIO SCIENCE REVIEW and $50 to spend.........
The inescapable logic is that WHATEVER details you hear on those recordings through your new cables, the ORIGINAL NON-AUDIOPHILE CABLES WERE SUFFICIENT TO TRANSMIT.  Otherwise...there wouldn't be that detail there to hear in the first place. Th... 
AUDIO SCIENCE REVIEW and $50 to spend.........
I think it's prof vs. God.   God created all these different cables but somehow they all sound the same according to prof.  What a waste of resources.