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Magtech amplifier over heating.
I showed Roger this thread and he composed the following response for you. I hope this helps. cheers, AngelaIt is true that a small percentage of Motorola's 4000 series Thermal Trak transistors develop faults in their thermal sensors. This causes ... 
Sanders Sound preamp vs. Innersound?
Here is a very brief review of the key elements of the Innersound/Sanders history: Innersound, Inc. was founded in 1996 by Raj Varma who lived in the U.K. He hired Roger Sanders to design electrostatic speakers for him. Eventually, Mr. Varma expan... 
Sanders Magtech Amp or Bryston 4B-SST2 4 Mags 3.6
SANDERS MAGTECH AMPLIFIER******************************************************Please allow me to clarify this for all. While the Magtech was originally designed for magnetic speakers, it kicks butt on ESL's as well! Roger loaned the Magtech to Ro... 
Amplifier for Magnepan 20.1s
I would like to offer this link on the newspaper)cheers,Angela 
The Hub: Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2010
Arnie, thank you so much for providing the best coverage on the web of audio events. Your effort and dedication is very much appreciated by all of us.The weather could NOT be any better this year! Sunny and warm with zero chance of snow. oh yeah!c... 
Power output of tube amps compared to solid states
if you have any doubt, then look at what HP has to say about tubes and ss (in this case; when it comes to stats)June/July issue in his Golden Ear Awards. 
Okay I Bought the Magnepan 3.6's
Roger (Sanders) has been selling a lot of his new Magtech amps to Maggie owners. disclosure - my last name is Sanders :-))cheers,angela 
CES 2010 and THE SHOW
Albert Porter and Gang ~ you guys outdid yourselves this year. Photos are top drawer and I love the music additions....AWESOME 
CES 2010 and THE SHOW
hey thanks! 
CES 2010 and THE SHOW
Does anyone know if Albert Porter will be posting pictures from T.H.E. show or just CES? 
Mag 3.6R or 20.1 , Sanders & Montana EPS2
Hey Jon, Glad you got by Roger's room while at T.H.E. Show. (Full Disclosure - I've been a member here for almost 9 years and am now married to Roger 3/3/9 [square root day] ;} ). Roger has additional options with crossover control these days and ... 
Info wanted on Sanders Sound / Innersound Preamps
Why don't you just call Roger at 303.838.8130 or email him at I'm sure that could answer all of your questions.Cheers,Angela 
Al Stiefel of RMAF Has Passed Away
very sad news 
Are planar speakers less prone to room interaction
Here's an interview of Roger Sanders by AudiogoN at The Show...Sanders Sound hits the Sweet Spot Cheers,Angela 
Innersound Speakers
I have been a member here for almost 7 years now and sometimes I just can't help but jump in a little....Boy, if I was back in the dirty dozen days here at AudiogoN and could come out as AJ; I'd jump in with both feet, but I need to behave, so I a...