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Caster Wheels vs. Spikes
My speakers weigh about 70 pounds apiece, and are on heavy duty Berber carpet.  Since I frequently move them from a whole room, straight out listening position, to a toed in home theater listening position, I put smallish heavy duty carpet sliders... 
Cabinet Cooling
I have this and on level two its inaudible at my seat, very nice thermostat control , very well made.https://www.amazon.com/AC-Infinity-Rear-Exhaust-Receivers-Components/dp/B01LW1Q429/ref=sr_1_8?crid=Z... 
Looking for Recommendation for AVR
Sony ES Series, excellent sound and has Sony room correction which has worked very well for me.  Sony ES 4K UHD Disk player, too. 
Who needs a tuner?
Thanks, my wife is now listening to a radio station from her hometown in Greece, and one of my hours just disappeared!  Very cool! 
Best Headphone system under $1000???
Enjoy a great hobby, here’s my two cents...I currently have the HiFiman Anandas, they are right at the 1k price point.  They are huge, but light weight.  Sound is amazing, best I’ve owned.  They can run easily off a phone but as with most, sound b... 
Looking for more transparency.
Good good call on the Goldenear Tritons, love my 7’s, heard the 1’s and oh my.... 
A little Patience sometimes pays off! (Kef LS50 content)
Class A speakers = class A equipment. 
I’m gob smacked. What were you’re aha moments?
Just got accepted as a Qobuz beta tester and wow, so much better SQ than Tidal MQA. Strictly headphone listener with a mid-fi system, not to mention 62 year old ears, but truly an aha moment for me. 
Tidal and MQA
Correction to the above, the Mytek unit is the Brooklyn+ DAC/Amp. 
Tidal and MQA
I have a desktop PC and run Tidal through a Mytek Brooklyn DAC/Amp (which is MQA enabled), WireWorld Nano-Silver USB, Moon Audio Black balanced headphone cables, to a pair of HiFiman Ananda headphones.  I’m extremely happy with the sound, the diff...