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One turntable with two arms, or two turntables with one each - which would you prefer?
If you enjoy the “art” of turntables and tonearms go for many.  I did that at one time and had 4 TT’s and 5 tonearms.  I enjoyed the mechanisms of different arms and experiencing the sound differences of different turntables.  But later I scaled d... 
Acoustic Signature turntables
AS turntables are great!  I used to have the Mambo and still regard it as one of the best turntables I own.  I regret selling it.  Stick with AC driven platters.    
Rick Schultz`s new cable
Rick is a great guy.  Great job Rick for helping Joe! 
Speaker Cables? why all the hype for expensive speaker wire?
Best IC and speaker cables I have used were the Synergistic Research Designers Reference 2 with active shielding.  Ended up selling them to go on the cable merry go round.  Ultimately I sold all the expensive stuff and went with Wywires blue for I... 
Anyone know where I can get a Wadia 861 board?
Did you try George Meyer AV? 
Best Recording of Scheherazade
I love the Beecham.  Not the best SQ, but a beautiful recording. 
Looking for a warm sweet speaker
Vandersteen 5, not the carbon 
Replacing my Krell FPB 600 amp with a tube amp
I replaced my FPB600 with a CAT JL2.  Noticed no lack of bass control.  I’m fact the CAT gear is powerful and transparent across the full frequency range plus many other positive qualities.  You can ready my review on it. 
Anyone know where I can get a Wadia 861 board?
I would be happy to sell you my 861SE with GNSC Statemet mods which has a finicky laser which I end up using mostly for the DAC section .  It has a much better transport and the kids are great.  I bet Wadia can swap lasers and you would end up wit... 
High Fidelity Cables CT-1designed by Rick Schultz
I have had the Ultimate Reference IC's and SC's in my system for the last several weeks.  I just realized today that I have had my SC's hooked up backwards (positive leads on negative terminals).  My cables did not come with red and black bands on... 
Views on Acoustic Signature Tables
Hello,I owned the Acoustic Signature Mambo in the past and think it was an excellent table. Better than many higher priced tables I've heard since. Wish I never sold it....I now own the Ascona. But it has been used in a different, low-frequency li... 
2-Way Advice: Magico S1,YG Carmal,Diablo Utopia
You should add evolution acoustics mmmicro one to your list. Awesome speaker! 
Record stores in Copenhagen / Stockholm?
Try accord in Copenhagen 
My new Soundsmith Straingauge cartridge
I have been following the soundsmith strainguage threads lately. I have never heard one but from what I have read my take on the sonic quality is the following. I suspect the sonic signature can be a function of (dependent on) three aspects (RIAA/... 
High Fidelity Cables CT-1designed by Rick Schultz
Dear membersWhere in the signal chain do you find the high fidelity cables to make the largest improvement in order of priority? IC from source? Pre to power amp or speaker cable.? Which ones give the best improvement? I know a full loom would be ...