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Which clock is running my system?
The clock in the DAC controls the D/A process.Both clocks are important, but only the one in the DAC controls the D/A process 
Femto clocks ,every unit should have one
"More accuracy ,equals less jitter more refined ,better resolution."This is total nonsense. There is ZERO correlation between accuracy and jitter. None. Period.I don't want to have to 'slpain this again............ 
Long USB cable
USB requirements are that the cable be only 26 nSec long, electrically. The reason they give is so that the reflections have enough time to die down. That limits the length to around 15'. We have measured some cables that are a bit over the limit,... 
Best Pc for audio?
We have tried both PCs and Macs, during the development of our latest product. All the Macs were spot on. The PCs went all over the map. Everything from "This sounds great" to "Are you sure that this thing isn't broken?" Same unit, same sound syst... 
Squeezebox upgrade options for $500-600
Buy the Duet instead. Without having to house the display in the same case, its performance should be better.At least based on how much the noise the stock SMPS introduces. The Duet is considerably quieter inside. (Trust me, I have measured both.) 
Help Need to combine L and R feeds for mono amp
Try this:1 kilohm to each output. Tie the loose ends together. Take that into your mono amp. You may have to juggle the value some, and perhaps add a resistor to ground at that common point. 
Designer Hall of Fame
Some of the names on this list are absurd. I would think that anyone in the "Designer Hall of Fame" would not include anyone who calls me for advice.I don't belong in it (even though my peers credit me for one or two notable contributions), so a g... 
Slim Devices Duet
I got it to work without doing any of that. Factory reset, etc. had no effect. I did try the latest s/w (7.2?) on my computer, and it would not work. 
Slim Devices Duet
We bought a few of these for investigative purposes. Had a hard time getting the remote to recognise some of them. Spent hours with the tech support, and eventually they all worked. No idea what the problem was. Only guess (on both of our parts) w... 
Optical Digital Interface - Good or Bad?
TOSLINK is an inferior technology, period. Yes, galvanic isolation, but it has absolutely no other redeeming values. Coax outputs can be good or bad. Slim Devices (as an example) stick ferrite beads in series with the coax output. This helps them ... 
Squeezebox Vs Duet
I have never listened to either of these units. However, I can tell you 2 things:1.) The digital outputs are the identical design.2.) The Duet has lass crap on the supply rails, as the outboard SMPS does not have to power the display. There is sti... 
Definition of "redbook" and "Prat" ?
So, if I go to a concert, and they play something I don't like (19th Russian, for example), and I don't tap my feet, does that mean it doesn't have PRAT?My Naim buddies hate it when I ask them that question. 
Determine final guage?
Double the number of conductors, go up 3 sizes. 
Need technical explanation
Current-feedback......well, not sure what Marantz means. In the world of op-amps and engineers, the exact meaning of current-feedback isn't something that everyone agrees upon. Some use it to describe the type of feedback loop, and a though explan... 
Any audiophile grade optical cables?
Oh, boy.........I don't have time to 'splain all of this, but I would not use glass fiber unless it is at least 1 km long. That is what the laser diodes are designed to work into. Shorter lengths cause too much light to reflect back. Before you fl...