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Tekton 6-10 Subwoofers: The Journey Starts Now!
What range can the crossover be adjusted for?  
Esoteric D1vu plus N-05 or N-01
I am talking about the older non XD model.   I expect the XD model would be better than the D1vu's.  
Esoteric D-01 DAC - Are these still relevant?
How would the D-01's compare to the N-01?  
Esoteric E-02 or SimAudio 810LP
Well, just for the sake of wrapping this discussion up, I bought the Esoteric E-02.  Dynamics, resolution, extension ..... it gave me all of those.  I expect to hold on to this phono stage for at least a decade.  So, I am very very happy with it.  
Esoteric E-02 or SimAudio 810LP
Thank you.  I know they are both very good, and I know I could be happy with either.  I own products from both companies in my system.  At this level, some of us only make so many upgrades, so a sonic comparison is what I was hoping to find. 
Cars. What does the typical audiophile drive?
Chevy Impala LS, stock stereo, I get neurotic enough with the system at home. Too neurotic if you ask my wife! and she likes hifi. 
Shelter 901 vs. Dynavector XX-2 or TE Kaitora
Thanks FrankC, Japan Audio Trading Co references also show up on vinylasylum.com with many posts refering to his great price and service. This might just be the year to decorate my christmas tree with cd's (keep my busy while I wait for the shelte... 
Shelter 901 vs. Dynavector XX-2 or TE Kaitora
Thanks guys. Can you recommend some dealers for Shelter cartridges? 
Design Plans or Kits for LP storage Rack
Hi Raymond; Here is a picture of a cabinet I built for records and audio magazines. This is a DIY project and a bit of experience with this kind of cabinetry will help, but this could be contracted out quite reasonably. The beauty of this is its s... 
Shelter 901 vs. Dynavector XX-2 or TE Kaitora
Gundam91;Thanks for the heads up. I knew I would need more gain than the PH-2 I now have, so I tracked down an Audio Research MCP-2 to put in front of it. Later I will get a Manley Steelhead. I have heard this and it is fantastic, but the MCP-2 wi... 
Shelter 901 vs. Dynavector XX-2 or TE Kaitora
Thanks Twl for your excellent reply. It is very much appreciated. 
Shelter 901 vs. Dynavector XX-2 or TE Kaitora
Thanks Twl; The shelter gets much praise, which is why I am looking at it. Can you shed some light on the sonic diferences between these cartridges? 
Speakers to hang on to for LIFE
Infinity IRS Betas. They need careful matching with big tube amps on the planars and kilowatt solid state amps on the woofers (IMHO), lots of room, and patience to get set up just right, but when you do, WOW! 
Infinity Epsilon/ Beta speakers-- Classsics???
The IRS Betas are hard to beat, and at the price they sell for used, giant killers. I agree that ARC tubes for the panels are a no-brainer, as they were built and tuned with these electronics. They need a big room, lots of watts and quality compon... 
Sim Versus Mcintosh Amps
I have owned many Mac amps including MC2500, MC2600, MC7300, MC7270 (and more than a few Mac tube amps). I currently own Simaudio W-10's. The W-10's will give you more resolution and transparency (and bass control) without being hard than the Mac ...