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Your First Concert was.....
you asked.. 
Resolution Audio Opus Players?
FWIW, I paid $2,400 for one a year old in March 2006 and have played CD's in it frequently since then with no signs of any problems. I hadn't noticed the price used had fallen so far. If I could find a fully Modded unit for even the same price I p... 
Favorites Alone In Quiet Darkness
Pieces I often choose in such setting among others are: Respighi;Piano Quintet,String Quartet,Six Pieces for Violin and Piano on a Chandos CD by The Ambache. Bax; Quintet for harp and Strings,Elegiac Trio for Harp Violin and Flute, Fantasy Sonata ... 
What's the farthest you've traveled for live music
Drove from Boston to Denver to see the Grateful Dead at Red Rocks in 1982. More recently drove from New Hampshire to NYC, once to see Cream in 2005 then to see King Crimson in 2008. Also drove to Ridgefield,CT from NH to see the Allan Holdsworth T... 
How to make a DVD Audio
software advice...96/24 FLAC too WAV too DVD 
XtremeAV Quicksilver Gold alternative?
Increased extension.. the signal retains its characteristics for a greater duration appearing to come further out from the speakers while maintaining coherence. Increased clarity and detail all present after a suitable burn in period... in my case... 
Marshall Tucker Band-Anyone else get them?
Funny.. Years ago as a boy an older Cousin gave me a Marshal Tucker Band Album for Christmas.. I vividly remember thinking.. "Oh thanks A LOT"; dripping with sarcasm as I felt this only served to prove how little thought he put into my gift and la... 
Beethoven Ninth Symphony
Gunter Wand on RCA Red Seal. 
Satisfied with your DIY power cord?
Rja, I did connect the shield drain to the ground at the IEC end leaving it off at the Power Outlet end as I was advised.The cost is just under $100/meter and I used 1.5 Meters. The plugs were just over $130 each. I do have two acoustic Zen PC's a... 
Satisfied with your DIY power cord?
Yes but my DIY was a bit more costly than anything from Home Depot.Oyaide Tunami cable and 004 plugs from VH Audio;Dramatic drop in "noise floor".imageimage 
Resolution Audio Opus 21 questions
I see a BAT Tube Pre-Amp in my Future.Who makes a DIN to XLR cable? 
Resolution Audio Opus 21 questions
Oh I guess I thought you meant the DIN goes into a is the volume set without a preamp if you bypass the units control? 
Beginner to Hi Rez Downloads
I have successfully used Lplex; to convert 24/96 flacs and wavs resulting in dvd files and an iso file i have burned to DVD+-R then played on a DVD Player thru a DAC with a Digital input over a coax RCA cable. I had... 
Resolution Audio Opus 21 questions
So the Pre-Amp is acting like loudness button? Where did Jeff Kalt say it was better thru a Pre Amp? Better how? More like the ultra compressed music most people think is natural? How can adding stages to the signal path improve anything but the b...