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My First Stereo. What Was Yours?
1978: Advent 300 receiver New Advent loudspeakers Micro Seiki MB-14 turntable with Grado cartridge All purchased at Alan Audio in Bloomington, IN for $800 even.    
Mysterious power tube behavior
@czarivey, So the tube has an internal bias circuit that could be malfunctioning and the tube would still test good? The bad tube shows no bias in any of the 4 sockets, and a known good tube biases fine in all 4 sockets.  
Songs you use when auditioning gear
I have three. School/Bloody Well Right from Crime of the Century by Supertramp on MoFi vinyl to check for inner detail and turntable isolation, Temptation from Girl in the Other Room by Diana Krall on vinyl to check for small group ensemble cleanl... 
Victor UA-7082 Arm, Rubber Washer at Rear Counterweight Tube: Sag/Repair/Fitting Damage.
Lewm, I’m using a 7082 currently with a light head shell and an Ortofon 2M Black. It’s on the big JVC plinth and a TT-81 along with an older Triplanar. I tend to use the 7082 as a test bed for potential MCs that get transferred to the Triplanar, ... 
Questions Regarding Installing a Wheaton Triplanar On A SOTA Cosmos
I can confirm that Triplanar sells spacers that are 1/4". I use two of them under mine to bring the arm up to the proper level for my JVC TT-81 on the CL-P2 plinth. Put it at just the right height for the VTA adjustment to be useful in both direct... 
Help me find a pre-amp
The LS 100 was my daily driver for a long time and was really good with many different amps. Dan Wright is great to work with. There's a pretty good deal on one right now, no relation with the seller: 
RCA Phono Interconnect Under $400
I own a Zu Xaus that I've been very happy with, and their current Mission Phono is in your price range:    
Someone that can recap/refurbish/recalibrate a direct drive turntable motor?
pindac, I'm interested in anything that can improve my motor. Is your friend currently taking new business?  
Who owns / owned a First Watt F4, and what are your experiences with it ?
I owned a Rawson F4 clone and paired it with the original Zu Druids. It sounded amazing at low volumes but ran out of steam quickly as you turned it up. The 16 ohm Druids definitely cut into the power delivery, and since the F4 only increases curr... 
Best Options For A Tubed Preamp - $2500 Or Less, Preferably Used To Maximize Value
If you can stretch your budget a bit this is a great choice:    
Jolida JD-9 Upgrade
@jrcotner, The correct V5i for the JD-9 in all positions is the Single x 2.  
6sn7 to 6922 adapter: good idea or bad idea?
I've used 6SN7s with the 6922 adapters (from Tube Depot) on 3 different pieces of Decware equipment with terrific results. I'm a big fan of the 6SN7 and have an extensive stash, so it was definitely a win for me. If you search the Decware site the... 
Jolida JD-9 Upgrade
First thing is if you've been running the same tubes for 20 years then they probably need replacement. There are lots of options for 12AX7s - I really liked the Sovtek 12AX7LPS. Low noise, readily available, sound great. I did all my own upgrades... 
Looking for a great phono pre-amp in the $1000 or less range
If you're patient you can find an E.A.T. E-Glo Petit for less than $1K. Sounds great, provides tube rolling options, dead quiet, and all the adjustments can be made from the front. Highly recommended.  
Help and opinions needed on pre-amp situation
veerosi, Just saw this thread today or I would have chimed in earlier. I've owned an MP-3.3 for about two years now, originally pairing it with M-60s. I switched to Ralph's Class Ds earlier this year and I couldn't be happier. I've tried all my p...