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3 Level, 40-44" wide, Well built for Isolation-Gear Stand-Where/Who?
Audio Elegance. Outstanding custom audio stands and racks. No affiliation, just a very happy customer.  
Anyone else have the Silver  Dart? I'm testing them vs the fusions (which are great) now.  
Well I joined the Silversmith FIDELIUM Speaker cable club today
These are excellent cables. Equaled/bested my references which have msrp around 7k. It's a shame that so many of these threads devolve rather than serving as a resource based on real world experience for those seeking to learn about products they ... 
Have had Arcadia balanced ICs now for a couple of weeks, and they are equaling or beating cables almost 10x more costly that have been my reference. So now I'm going to try the Silver Dart ICs, in hopes they will be even better.   
Anyone have experience with or with using true pressure traps?
Dlcockrum, here you go...   "The Iso-Wall construction technique solves the three main problems with listening rooms: 1) it greatly reduces wall shudder; 2) prevents sound inside the listening room from getting out; and 3) absorbs excess bass en... 
Anyone have experience with or with using true pressure traps?
I am also about to build a dedicated 2 channel listening room, about 31 x 23 x 14. I am wary of  building a lot of treatments into the actual structure that I cannot reverse. So, instead, I am planning to use the ASC ISO wall construction methods ... 
Are You Happy With Your Phono Preamp?
Kennyc, how do you like the vdH? It was on my short list, along with Pass XP27, Rowland Conductor, and DSA Phono III.   
Pass XP27 vs. Rowland Conductor Phono
Thank you, jdal. I appreciate your comment.  
Pass XP27 vs. Rowland Conductor Phono
Clearly not much collective experience on this.   
Pass XP27 vs. Rowland Conductor Phono
Thanks for chiming in, lewm.  
Preowned Wilson Audio Chicago Dealer
I have dealt with Albert several times. I found him to be professional, knowledgeable, very fair in pricing, and a good guy. Thanks Albert!  
Need a high-WAF stand solution
Check out Audio Elegance/Standman.Jeff Dicks does excellent, beautiful custom work with top notch service. 
Unplug or ride out the storm?
Always safest to unplug,  
New silversmith fidelium cable
Same here. Have had mine for about a month. Replacing $7500 cables. 
Sean Connery has passed away :-(
One of my favorites. Sad.