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SUT With a Manley Steelhead RC?
I've never understood why one would put and SUT in a phono stage which already has a lot of gain, unless you just want it louder.     
Is it a Bad Tube or a Bad fuse (Fuse Fatigue)?
Thanks to all that replied. Testing the tubes will be next step    
Starting a Classical Vinyl Music Collection
@jdougs  The vast majority of my vinyl sounds nearly as quiet as a CD You are right. Anyone who talks about pops & clicks are not cleaning properly or have a bad setup. The higher end cartridges sound much better. Part of that is the line ... 
Is it a Bad Tube or a Bad fuse (Fuse Fatigue)?
@jea48 Yes, typo. here's the fuse 250V 0034.6008 SCHURTER Inc. | Circuit Protection | DigiKey I would get the tubes tested before ever using them again.  I agree. I don't want to use my amp for a tube tester. I was just fishing to see if anyo... 
Is it a Bad Tube or a Bad fuse (Fuse Fatigue)?
@carlsbad2  Fuse fatigue as a reason for a fuse to blow may exist  but until it blows it won't make static That makes sense. I originally thought that one of the tube pins was dirty, which is why I swapped the tube placement. My thinking was th... 
Is it a Bad Tube or a Bad fuse (Fuse Fatigue)?
@carlsbad2 Thanks. Your take on fuses are the same as Don’s. They work or they blow. Thus he believes the tube is bad. But which one since the original tube had static in the same channel & same socket? I believe in fuse fatigue. But it may be... 
Is it a Bad Tube or a Bad fuse (Fuse Fatigue)?
Glennewdick, There was no red plating. Also, The amp is auto biasing. I hate to throw away $200 worth of tubes, especially when they don't have that much time on them.   
Is it a Bad Tube or a Bad fuse (Fuse Fatigue)?
Glennewdick, Sorry I didn't make it clear, but I have replaced the fuse and have another set of tubes in place which plays fine. My question is whether the fuse caused the problem in and of itself which means the tubes are good. Or did the tube bl... 
Phono Stage, Tonearm, Cartridge Question - Which is the most important?
Imo, your question is akin to asking which link in a chain is the most important. The hifi system, like the chain, is no better than the weakest link. Therefore the priority should be to replace or repair the weakest link.  
Teres turntable motor problems
Tcellis,  I too may be having trouble with Teres drive system on my 340. I'm not sure because it may just be the belt. I have a tendency to run the belts longer than I should. I just replaced it so haven't had opportunity to determine if this is t... 
Can anyone tell me where the progress in audio went?
Marketing. But you have to have NEW to market. Old tech is sooooo yesterday  
Need advice for a replacement phono cartridge
+1 on Benz Ebony L. However, the Zyz 4D is what I upgraded too, and is better IME. It is 4 ohm Sorasound used to have them for $3495. not sure about now  
The greatest tweak ever?
WTH??? Geez, I posted the whole ad about 10 yrs ago as a joke. That was back when mature people posted here. I’m not sure I want to even be in the company of those who have absolutely NO sense of humor. There are some sick puppies here who get off... 
The greatest tweak ever?
Alright. Now I'm going to give a TEASE for MY New Product +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++     ArteTweeks Presents ArtePaper Decades of research has gone into this new breathtaking tweak which opens up the sound stage, an... 
Why do so many people have problems with bass?
  Why do so many people have problems with bass? Geez guys. Imagine having bought your 1st high end system and then coming back to the dealer and asking him/her, "Why am I having trouble getting bass from my system?" And the salesman giving you ...