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Vinyl Record Cafe's
This week 3 I will spin upIssac Hayes "To be Continued"Blind FaithGrateful Dead "Blues for Allah"The Doors "LA Woman" 
Vinyl Record Cafe's
I like vinyl. It sounds so much better and everyone there agreed. I'm motivated to upgrade the system in there. It's not a great system by standards here, but still sounded great compared to Pandora or other digital offerings. I think there was mo... 
Vinyl Record Cafe's
It was an amazing success. There must have been nearly 50 people who stopped by and loved it. There were no seats left and people had to stand or some were out on the sidewalk still digging the music. I think Jeff Beck's "Blow by Blow" was the big... 
Vinyl Record Cafe's
It's a really small beatnik kind of place.. couches, but interesting patrons. I met a trombone player who has played Carnegie Hall, and an documentary film maker who is in her late 20's. It's a hip place and they love the idea.It will just be one ... 
Vinyl Record Cafe's
Ok,It's a cool place.After a bit of discussion, I told them I have a huge collection of vinyl and they asked if I would bring some things down. So on Thursday, I am going to play 4 albums in their entirety.Jeff Beck "Blow by Blow"The Beatles "Revo... 
Best High Efficiency Speakers for full bass tone
I had a pair of Belle La Scala's and while they were loud, they really lacked detail. 
Anyone using Goldring Carts?
I have the GX1012 and had a guy come by who had a $100K digital system and he said my stereo was the best he had ever heard in his life.. better than his by a mile.Maybe it's an analog vs digital argument, but many have been floored by my system w... 
Why do my rolling stones albums sound bad?
I agree that "Some Girls" is the only Stones album I have heard with really beautiful production. Of course I never would have been able to tell the difference until I got into a good analog system. 
Ideal room dimensions for great system sound?
Has anyone built a golden ratio room? And if so, where would the ideal speaker placement be?(according to the greeks!!!) 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Doing a King Crimson marathon tonight.Court of the Crimson KingWake of PoseidonIslandsLizardLarks' Tongue in Aspic Starless and Bible BlackRed 
Steve Hackett's The Shrouded Horizon, 2011's best.
Genesis was over for me when he left the group. I'm glad he did so we got all those great records from him. 
Klipsch forte II what league are they in?
I just bought a pair of Forte ll's and really am shell shocked at how wonderful these speakers sound. I am a huge fan of horn music, whether classical, jazz, funk, and so on.. rock with horns.. and I think vocals sound best through horn driven spe... 
It was 44 years ago that...
Miles Davis did it twice with "Kind of Blue" introducing modal jazz, then "In a silent Way" introducing electric Jazz.Miles basically invented jazz fusion, which open the door for all those groups that came after like Johnny Mac, Mahavishu, Return... 
Best Rock Drummers
Narada Walden's work with Jeff Beck and Mahavishnu Orchestra should not be overlooked, as I think he played into the music a bit more than Cobham did.Steve Gadd is another name that should be on this list with all the work he has done.Two just phe... 
Steve Hackett's The Shrouded Horizon, 2011's best.
Thanks..Hackett is a God for sure..I'm in..