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Your listening chair
The Karuselli chair looks like the ottoman option might be gynecologist stirrups? Gunbei thanx for the Ebay links, as for those prices the quality of the lounges looks like a a really good deal! I searched for about one year till I found the most ... 
Queen on American Idol
John, You know how to fix the wife clutching of the remote issue? You need to leave a "Trading Spouses" application in plain sight! Here's the application link for you to print off a copy. Good Luck! 
Queen on American Idol
Velo62... Wow of all the folks I wasn't expecting a American Idol thread to have been posted by you. Lets see A.) Your system is sounding so great with no future upgrades in sight? B.) There's nothing on Agon worthy to even click on, or talk about... 
Awful sound from B&W's: Break In needed?
You can't critique them right out of the box, they will require break-in to get the crossover burnt in, the internal cable harness, and the drivers to flex. Everything will open up, read the manual for expected time. Keep the system running for 10... 
shipping coast to coast over 350 lbs
Bax Global 
When audiophiles visit for a listening session
#1 - The first rule of Audio Club is, you do not talk about Audio Club. #2 - The second rule of Audio Club is, you DO NOT talk about Audio Club. #3 - Wear a sportcoat, and dress shirt, but NEVER a tie. #4 - Always a rental car to the meeting NEVER... 
What are in these Bose speakers anyways
Sugar, and Spice, and Everything Nice! 
Merry Christmas Everyone
To All AudioGon Friends from Around the World, Here's Holiday Wishes To Everyone In ALL The World's Languages...Andorra: Bon Nadal, United Arab Emirates: I'd miilad said oua sana saida, Afghanistan: De Christmas akhtar de bakhtawar au newai kal de... 
Finding Pure Water for Record Cleaning - very long
I think only "The WaterBoy" may hold the secret for quality H2O? Great Post, as it goes well beyond Record Cleaning... as now I'm wondering what's in the gourmet coffee I'm drinking brewed via tap water? Now Foolsball, Girls, and Un-pure Water are... 
Is Star Sound Technologies out of business?
is music hall out of business?
Say it isn't so... first Red Trumpet now the mentioning of this? I'm with Mattybumpkin, as Kal this really needs to be confirmed with more then just throwing out a YES. 
How do laser disc's look on plasma TV?
I still own a Pioneer Elite Cld-95 player, and have a 42" Panasonic Plasma. I thought it looked just great when I watched my box set of criterion collection Seven Samurai. The connection was via S-VHS. 
Red Trumpet still in business?
I'm saddened too, and wish Rick the best as I'll miss surfing his site! 
Red Trumpet still in business?
It's a shame, as Red Trumpet was good people! Slipknot1 since you know so much who's the attorney? When's his Garage, or Yard Sale? 
Nagra Service?
Art, So wouldn't that be more like NAGRAHHHHH!!! till you get them back up and running? Sorry I couldn't resist ;0)~