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No labile help
They are a lot thicker than an extension cord.  About like a PS Audio or some of the older Shunyata.   Thanks for your help guys.  
Avalon Acoustics
3 contacts on web site and 2 emails.  About 2 weeks, 
Avalon Acoustics
They got back to me.  Drivers unavailable but at least I have an answer. 
Avalon Acoustics
LOL.  They are clean sounding but dry.  Put the wrong equipment with them and they get bright real fast.   They have no grain in the sound though which is hard to do. 
Clayton Audio Class A
I think some of the responses might be confusing Bridged design and being bridgeable?Wouldn't the truly bridged designs be a full push pull design with no common ground?  Even if an amp was push pull, it doesn't mean that there two bridged amps in... 
anyone have experience with "replacement cost" insurance, and Allstate?
I do insurance replacement quotes all the time.  If you work with a good dealer they can include full installation and help you with how to talk to the insurance company.  Things like, " I purchased my original from an authorized dealer and I expe... 
What is the best solid state amplifier you have ever heard?
Best is Essence except on electrostatic or if a speaker needs some coloring to fix a limitation.  Unfortunately they are out of business and the amps are super hard to repair. 
Best way to send digital to DAC
Thanks Everyone. 
Best way to send digital to DAC
I'm looking at the Aurender N100H because I heard the USB output is noticeably cleaner and more airy and the interface is good without having to pay extra for interface software like Roon.  Does that sound like I'm headed the best way? 
Best way to send digital to DAC
Thank you. 
A DAC that can make digital sound analog?
Every ModWright I have heard sounds like Sony with more space.  Not analogue at all.  The Oppo is not a very good sounding CD transport like most universal transports.  Example is that if you burn your CD's to a thumb drive it will sound better th... 
I am a cable manufacturer so I won't talk about mine. (Bionic Cables) LOLSystem matching is important tonally and resolution wise.  Silver does tend to have a metallic sheen to the high frequencies and when you start getting into the high performa... 
Is a Power Wedge 116 any good?
I am a dealer and I used to sell the Power Wedge when there was not a lot of choice. ( Tice) The Power Wedge is dark and compressed. There are a few good ones out there that would make quite a difference if your system is resolved.We sell some for... 
REL Subwoofer: Speakon or RCA?
I'm a REL dealer. Speakon is way better because the amp in the REL will emulate the character of the amp so the blending and seamlessness is much better.  It will sound like the amp in the REL is a Rogue. 
best FLEXIBLE cables
I am a cable manufacturer, (Bionic Cables) and ours are NOT flexible. lolSystem matching is important. Your electronics with those speaker can be pretty bright so I would pick a richer cable. The Audience are grain free and smooth but may not be w...