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Your Favorate JBL's from the 70's
I've owned 4311's, L110's and L150A's but always lusted after L220's. I'd still like to own a pair one day. 
Vandersteen 5A or Sonus Faber Stradivari Homage
The adjustments are hugely important. Take the time to get it right. You'll be amazed. 
Use Your Own Ears
Is it possible that the room the new system is in is better? I've heard very modest systems in very good rooms sound remarkable. I've also heard the opposite more times than you can imagine. 
JansZen Z A2.1 Loudspeakers?
I heard them at the Capital AudioFest. Hands down the best speaker there. I love my Vandersteen 5A's and don't see them going away but I'd love a pair of the JansZens too. 
incredible inexpensive speaker
I just bought a pair. They blow my Legasteen Aeris MkIV A's away. 
Your Preference: Resolution or Fullness?
I own Vandersteen 5's. You'd be surprised what well equalized bass will do for increasing resolution and maintaining very deep bass. 
Anyone hear or own Volti Audio Vittora speakers?
I also heard them at CAF and was a little underwhelmed. I thought they were too far apart and sounded like two distinct sources. The lack of any deep bass was also a little disconcerting. I would love to hear them in my own room since the rooms th... 
room makes or breaks
The room and the way the speaker interfaces with the room is more important than anything I've experienced in my 35 plus years of doing this. (Assuming you have decent equipment to begin with.) A properly treated room with a pair of upper level Va... 
Gone are the days of the great audition.
Those who auditioned at retailers and bought on the internet probably got what they deserved. It's the other folks I feel sorry for. On the other and they probably don't even know what they're missing. 
Speakers that copied the Wilson Watt Puppy look
They sound fine. They don't really compare to my Vandersteen 5A's. They're just being used in the bedroom hooked up to an Adcom 5400 and Sonos ZP90. I've never had them in my main room so I honestly don't really know how they stack up. 
Speakers that copied the Wilson Watt Puppy look
The Swans Allures copied the look quite a bit. They were one cabinet, though. I have a pair in my bedroom. 
Should I burn these?
The Tone Audio review seemed reasonable and fair. I've heard them at least a dozen times. That's pretty much my take on them too. 
Reference 3A line updated
Nextel's been around for years. Dahlquist used to use it on their Monitor Series. I believe it was in the early eighties. 
Should I burn these?
If you don't have the equalizer you're not listening to them as they were intended. You have to have the EQ. I'm not a Bose apologist, but you do need to be operating the with the equalizer to give them a fair shake. It's an integral part of the s... 
audiophile rockers
All of Mark Knopfler's recordings sound excellent. Sailing to Philadelphia and Shangri-La are two stand outs.