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Meadowlark Nighthawks
I had to replace one of the drivers which were damaged in shipping when I received a new pair way back when. I don't recall for certain (perhaps Seas?) however I am quite sure if when the driver was removed, there was a sticker of the model number... 
In defense of quantum products.
Let it be stated I have owned and used two of the companies you mention. In my experience I have been able to attain vastly superior performance at an equal or lower price point than these "quantum" products. Don't get me wrong they weren't bad. W... 
Any opinions on the AMR Digital Processor 777 Dac?
Keep in mind if you are going to use the AMR DP-777 as a preamp, the preamp section requires close to 500 hours of breakin to sound its best. The DAC section will break in independently of the preamp section and vice versus. 
Speaker Cables for VANDERSTEEN 5 speakers
Musiczyx,What preamplifier and amplifier are you running?What is your source?Please confirm your speakers.This will help many of us understand the voicing of your components. Thank you. 
AMR 77.1 cd player and your thoughts
Hello Dev,You mentioned you have a new unit on the way - thus, it would not be my place to step on your dealers toes - so to speak.All AMR dealers should be *very* well versed in both the break in, presentation, sonic differences with power and in... 
AMR 77.1 cd player and your thoughts
Your dealer should answer all of these questions for you and advise correctly. 
Any opinions on the AMR Digital Processor 777 Dac?
This DAC performs well beyond its retail price point of $5,000. If you happen to be in the greater Atlanta area drop me a line and we can arrange for a dealer demo in our showroom or perhaps an in home audition.From experience I can state it compe... 
  Audio Magic Clairvoyant Liquid Air AC cable
Cfluxa - are you talking about power cords or interconnects?If I am reading this correctly I think Glory is only comparing the power cords at this time.Just trying to follow along. 
Who's familair with William Topely?
Just heard him for the first time the other day and ordered 5 or 6 of his albums/work off Amazon. First cd arrived today. In an abstract sense, his style reminds me a bit of Amos Lee - where the more I listen to the album/music the more it grows o... 
Anyone HEARD the qol 'signal completion' device?
Very impressive ... ? Very impressive aluminum box ?What does it do? 
Why magic at 80 db?
It may not be your speakers. I have owned Salks before (HT3's) and didn't experience this phenomenon - but have in the past. It actually turned out to not be the speakers. This may or may not be your amp - but I would look there first. The reason ... 
My 1st tube amp: transformer buzz audible 15 feet?
This is NOT normal. Return it and get a full refund. This is not acceptable and is ridiculous for them to tell you anything otherwise. There are plenty of other integrated tube amps that will NOT give any transformer hum. 
rogue 99mag, modwright, quicksilver preamp????
You can achieve what you are looking for with the new ModWright preamp - LS100. 6SN7 drivers and 5AR4 variants rectifier. Very tunable to your sonic preference. Disclaimer: I am an authorized reseller of the ModWright line. I have owned Quicksilve... 
Modwright KWA 150
Both of these units will take 80-100 hours to get 75% broken in. Anticipate 400+ hours on both the KWA-150 & L'S-100 to get 95% break in. 
Need feedback on Sonus Faber Cremona M 's
I am currently running a pair of Cremona M's and primary listening preferences are similar to what you state yours to be.These speakers are very musical, tending slightly to the warm side of neutral with an analog presentation to my ears. They pro...