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Ortofon MC A90 cartridge
I too recently purchased the Ortofon mc a90 cartridge and as much as I liked my shelter 501 mkII, this is much more live sounding.The shelter was a wonderful cartridge for the money but this cartridge is so much more revealing.These won't be aroun... 
The Bad Plus - where to start?
Free show at Californa Plaza tonite 
upgrading power cable on powered woofer a must?
My powered woofer on my speakers need 7 foot power cords so can't switch out my 5-6 foot upgraded cords I use on my preamp, amp, and cd player.The upgrade from stock to audience power chord was small but palpable so upgrading to a newer impover au... 
CAT Legend vs WAVAC PR-T1 ?
DartZeel preamp is a good balance between tube and ss and comes with both line and phono stage and sounds wonderful IMHO 
Best Rock Albums in 2009, so far
Anyone hear the new u2 on vinyl...think the new album has it's moments but not great...maybe better vinyl sonics would help! Anyone hear the vinyl? 
Life after DarTZeel
I would really love it if jessica dug the dartzeel (when she came over) but probably more of an iPod person. This is nature's way of evening out things 
Life after DarTZeel
Repair issue is a valid concern but believe dartzeel are serviced in the USA.In any event, Herve is very hands-on and will return messages super fast and of course so will jtinnMy Lamm amp was straight outta Brooklyn but my dealer was hard to find... 
Playback Designs Firmware Update
Speaking of jtinn, he is such a great dealer because among other things he is incredibly accessible and helpful with any questions or concerns!My former lamm dealer was almost impossible to reach (on the lam from his customers so so speak?) 
Best Diana Krall
live in Paris is not available on sacd so are people recommending the cd versus the lp or vice versa?Mike 
man do I miss Tower records and
Amoeba la came through yesterday and found a $1 lee Morgan cooker lp original issue in the budget binI thought it was a longshot because looked beaten upBut after one cleaning, it sounds great and no loud pops or skips and little pops and little n... 
Playback designs followup?
Look people praise things when they love a product....I think many audio products can bring you to nirvana but the room, synergy, cost and subjective taste playing huge roles.I think the playback is better than the emm labs but the emm labs is dam... 
Playback designs followup?
I used to own the top of the line marantz 7a-s1 and it was broken in and it pales in comparison to the emm labs and the playback. I sold the marantz to get the playback and it likes going from a toyota camry to a Porsche. 
man do I miss Tower records and
Cajunpepe,You should time your visit with the first Sunday of the month where the Pasadena city college on Colorado blvd. flea market usually has some great vinyl finds 
What footer best under cd player
I went with the vibrapods since I owned a pair already and there might be a slight cd player has a floating chasis so perhaps improvements are system's weak link is the speaker cable so will devote effort $ there to ... 
Pet Sounds: Most Overrated Album of All Time?
I think Dylan stands the test of time very wellI think classical and opera can stand the test of time too (albeit I am not a huge fan like some though)I agree that knowledge can help in appreciation but if it's really that good and you got an open...