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ok thanks let me see if i can contact him, cheers  
anyone have any advice regarding capacitor upgrades for the Wadia 9 and its corresponding transport. Such a rare and wonderful beast wonder if I should be touching it at all??  
Jay’s Audio CDT-3 - Impressions of a Great CD Transport
I agree totally with Alvins service . SECOND TO NONE. I have the exact same set up of terminator and cdt3. Both are very special indeed when it comes to connecting you with the music and removing any digital hash. I have had many high end DACS and... 
The best speaker you ever heard?
EASY IT has to be the one that brings you closest to the heart of the music. Forget hifi, but just as long as you are able to listen to any album in any mood at any time from start to finish because it brings your senses into close contact with th... 
Elite Rock Turntable with Excalabur Tonearm
Relatively common in the UK.Fluids and belts all available on ebay.Not aware of any real significant upgrades over the original. The trough has a significant stranglehold over the final sound so any small gains possible with tweaks are less obviou... 
Keces da-131, any reviews or thoughts?
I have a similar but new Taiwanese DAc build by VALAB. If i told you it replaced my pink triangle da capo, audionote 2.1x balanced DAC then you will know how good it must sound for the $100 asking price, yes $100. The Taiwanese seem to have an und... 
studio equipment that makes it into home hifi
My main point really was to hint at the fact that there may potentially be a lot of purely studio designed gear (often from unrecognised manufacturers) that we would never hear about in hifi magazines/internet forums. There may be products from th... 
studio equipment that makes it into home hifi
Shadorne in the Uk most of the professional studio engineers would apart from the first four speakers and the bryston and the behringer probably wouldn't have a clue what the other makes were! A lot of them dont even know much about the Linn sonde... 
What one product has redefined music for you??
I agree that electrostatics were also an eye opener for me, and probably the best product i had ever come across. However,there is that other fine line which they did not quite cross over. The ability to unravel like never before all the important... 
Power Conditioner and Surge Protector
Dear All,I believe the question is 'worth spending the money on'. Some of the products mentioned cost a small fortune. I certainly have never tried such high end conditioners before and fore the price they ought to work bloody well. But if we are ... 
Power Conditioner and Surge Protector
I would personally avoid any of these as more often than not they can be detrimental to the sound. in particular dynamics can be compressed. I am however talking of more high end models which can be well engineered in the power supply department i... 
Cambridge 840c or Pioneer PD-65/Benchmark DAC 1
540c or 640c are very good for the money not sure about the 840, if it does not have the superb wolfson DAC might be best to avoid it. 
Cambridge 640, 740 and 840
buy the 564D at a cheaper price - uses the same wolfson dac, potent bass but slightly lean overall tonally compared to the best. Very good value for money as it has a lot of the qualities found in the very best. 
Quad 57 stacked v Wilson watt puppy 6/7
Thank you all for your responses. I appreciate they sound different, but what areas does one speaker major over the other? That might help give me a better idea of how they sound in comparison. 
Quad ESL 57 are there better speakers out there??
Johnk,yes you are right i do believe these are the best speakers ever, hence i only want to hear from those that believe that is the case and how i may go forward from here.