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SPDIF Coax cable recommendation?
I had alot of improvement with mogami cables,and not the gold line. Jmo        
RIP Jeff Beck
My son saw him in orange Johnny Depp just a month ago.  He said he was still great. Depp not so much. RIP  
Help me make sense of this - Midfi system sounding better hifi.
The onkyo m-306 is a preamp not a power you mean the 506?  
What are your top 3 favorite female singers?
Joni Mitchell, Linda Ronstadt.and Queen Latifah. Always enjoyable 😉.   
Best Amps for Magneplanar 1.7i Speakers
I've used a mc250 ss ,Mc275  tube and now a parasound p5  pre with a parasound A21+. Very happy.    
Magnepan LRS in the house!
Thanks rbertalotto for sharing the info.I  have everything at hand in my scrap pile. Nice to have you as a member.  Lou Hall (aka Audiomaze)  
Magnepan LRS in the house!
rbertalloto, I like the look of your stands . Can you provide us some dimensions so we might make a pair? I'm pretty goodwill metal fab being a Ironworker fo 36 years.  Audiomaze   
Isn't it really about quality of recording?
I will go a step further and say a quality system can make a previously great record crap by  revealing how poorly a singers voice is and or poor musician ship. Many artists from the 70's in particular.  Just my experience  ..  
Denafrips Ares ii
Hi Alvin I have heard alot of good service from you and your company and  it's good to see this. I do have a question for you about changing fron nos to os. When I  follow the instructions on the manual I'm not seeing the lights go on or off sho... 
best amp for a Maggy 1.7i
2Pscop, Where can you get a pair of parasound Jc1's for $1,500?  
best amp for a Maggy 1.7i
Parasound A23. Plenty of power and around $1,000 in the used market. The A21would be better if you can find it for $1500. The 1.7i needs lots of hi current power. Good luck and enjoy the Maggie's ride.    
Best double live vinyl?
Live Adventures of AL Kooper and Mike Bloomfield at the Fimore in S.F.. Amazing!!!  
Putting an end to the audio cable debate! Part 1
Just purchased a pair of xlr cables by Furie on Amazon for $19 plus shipping. Unbelievable improvement across the bandwidth. Go figure.  
My Apologies to Miller Carbon
My parasound A21+ has a standby mode and they boost a instant full on no warmup necessary capability.  Is the standby the same as idling? 
Tubes for Magnepan’s.
OPI have driven my 1.7i's with a mc250 and a Mc275. The 275 was very sweet for most jazz and lite rock at moderate volume but tried a parasound A21+ and which handles all kinds of music with ease and is much more dynamic. Hope this helps.