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Roku Streaming Stick Plus - using integrated amp
 Found an AV forum and found a thread that indicated that the Oppo Blu-ray player had a HDMI and USB port on the front and this could be used with the Roku streaming stick. This works and we now have sound through our system, instead of the TV. Pe... 
How old are you?
Women who enjoy quality speakers
Hey Jasmine.  Glad to hear from another woman on this forum.  I must confess to not having posted in some time.   Happy holidays and happy music listening to all from another happy Avalon owner!🎄 
CD ripper for new IMAC
Thanks!   Hadn’t realized the Music app would do this.   
Usless but interesting many of you old timers started with original Large Advents?
Yes indeed Large  Advents (utility cabinets) were my first real speakers.   Kept them for about 15 years!      
Mattresses, not stereos is where the money is
I’m with Nonoise on this one - love my Nectar.   Definitely directional though, must be rotated head to foot every two months for best results.       
So disappointed in today's Americana
Someone new to me that people may enjoy is Amy McCarley.  New album is Meco.   Stands for main engine cut off.  Alabama native who was a NASA contractor.   Marty Stuart and other Nashville folks play on this.  Really great music, well worth a list... 
Streamer Advice: Bluesound Node 2 vs Aries Mini vs Oppo
We recently got a Vault- loving it.   Interconnects and digital coax are Cardas Parsec and it’s hooked to a Wyred 4 Sound Dac2.  Also using a Ethernet extender.  Adding the  Cardas coax really added to the richness of the sound.  Had an inexpensiv... 
Rosanne Cash "She Remembers Everything" LP
Agree she is fantastic live.   Very funny too.   One show I saw at the Birchmere in northern Virginia, a young man was so besotted as to scream “I love you,”.   She gave him a look and replied, Huh, you don’t know me, I’m difficult.”  The whole pl... 
For those of us over 60..
Kate and Anna McGarrigle.  Started listening to them and their entourage in 1975.  Still listening regularly and have expanded to their children:  Rufus and Martha Wainwright and the terrific Lily Lanken.   Their music encompasses all stages of li... 
What components might I check into that have a small foot print?
Or if only wireless, use something like a netgear Ethernet extender with port to make that wired connection in your small space 
What were your humble beginnings on the path to high end audio?
Memories!  Mid 1970’s :yamaha receiverdual 510 turntable with shure M 95ED cartridgelarge advents 
Rodney Crowell
Saw Rodney in a small listening room in Richmond Virginia a few weeks ago.   Wow, he was fantastic!  Had a guitarist and a fiddler with him, both incredible artists.   
Do female audiophiles exist
 Ah, how sad to be so forgotten. I actually haven't posted much in the last year or so because I'm quite happy with my Avalon Ideas, Ayre 7xe integrated amp,  squeezebox Touch, Wyred 4Sound  dac2  and my pretty Cardas interconnects .   And just to... 
looking for a new cd player........
We picked up a pro-ject cd s box for under 500 from our audio dealer. Very impressed with this little machine, especially for that price. Did pair it with Cardas Parsec interconnect. Also picked up a demo set of Avalon Idea speakers in a beautiful...