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Thin Line Between Critique and Courtrooms: A Dialogue on the Recent Audiophile Drama
Life is too short.   
Speakers, speaker cables or I’m getting old…
I also have Heritage Special’s . They take a good long time to break in. I drive my HS with an Aestheix Mimas . Speaker cable is Audience FrontRow. I don’t have ANY issues. Sound is sublime.   
Should Amps be plugged into a power conditioner?
Shunyata Denali 6000S-V2 all Shunyata Apha V2 power cords, amp is a Aestheix Mimas, no issues with dynamics.   
TAS. The Absolute Sound?
TAS was HP …   
power cord for pass 250.8
Shunyata Sigma NR v.2 or the Alpha NR v.2  
Stolen property
Another time wasting thread  
Integrated amp: Component weight
@cundare2 I guess the Aestheix Mimas with its tube preamp and balanced bridged solid state output might be too heavy at 50lbs? You might want to read Neil Gader’s review in the Absolute Sound. FYI I drive my power hungry little Dynaudio Heritage S... 
Rigid outlets for Heavy cables
I use the Shunyata cable support. Works great   
Integrated amp: Component weight
Easy. Aestheix Mimas. Weighs a bit less than 50 lbs. has five analog inputs which can be configured for true balanced or RCA. Can be ordered with a very good DAC or Phono board or both. Hybrid, tube preamp solid state power amp. Under $10k with th... 
Power cable Advice...
Shunyata .  
Flexible Power Cords
Shunyata Venom -X EF  
DAC suggestions for a reasonably modest system
Chord Qutest.  
Looking for integrated solid state amp for daily usage
How about the new Naim Nait 50  
Need Guidance for Next/Last Pair of Speakers
I’ll second a pair of JBL’s maybe the new L100 ?  
Floorstanding speaker experiences/recommendations in the $12-25k range
I didn’t read all the posts. I also have Dynaudio HS on the stand 20. My suggestion is a pair of REL subs. They will do much more than just add the bottom end. A pair of S/510 or S/812 would do it all. I have a single S/510 but my space is much sm...