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Tube Roll for McIntosh C2300 PreAmp
Manoterror - Wher can I find the tubes you are referring to? 
Cartridge upgrade for VPI Scoutmaster
I agree that the VPI arm is actually very good and the 10.5i is excellent. Triplanar and SME cannot compare. 
Mark Levinson No.512 CD Player---Opinions
I have also heard the new Levinson player and it is very nice. For those that can afford it, it is one of the best in class. 
Turntable selection advise
Definitely get into vinyl. It can re-ignite your music passion. You will have fun building a collection. And it is worth the money if you truly appreciate the vinyl sound. 
Best 2 Channel Integrated Used for under 750?
The units put out by Outlaw Audio get rave reviews. I believe they are only available online. Check Stereophile's review. 
do record mats work
I believe Dan ed has it correct! 
Dylan Bootleg Number 8
For the small investment of the standard CD, this is a must for all Dylan fans. 
Review: Galibier Stelvio Turntable
Very helpful and insightful review - thank you! 
Beatles Without George Martin?
The Beatles could never have been "lost in the rest of the British invasion" because they were the CAUSE of the British invasion. It simply would not have occurred without them. 
What is the best band ever?
The Grandpa Gang Band is also one to consider. The music is a bit thin on the top end however, and most believe they are over the hill. 
What is the best band ever?
The Audio-Fool Band should also be mentioned. However, many believe the band is very arrogant, self centered and obnoxious. 
Beatles Without George Martin?
George Martin was of course a good producer. More than that, he knew when he saw raw talent.However, if he is more talented than the Beatles, tell me where I can buy his records. How many number ones did George Martin have as an artist? We know th... 
What is the best band ever?
It was actually George who felt strongest about not touring. It's in all the books including the Lennon interviews.Case closed. 
moving magnet or moving coil cartrige
TheMMC-1 and MMC-2 are excellent. Of course, If you are selling other brands they are automatically better....hahahaha 
CRC on the back insert?
I listened to my redbook of that recently - poor sound. Don't think its on LP.