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The D'Appolito, MTM Configuration
We slightly modified D Appolito design in our Sofia loudspeaker line . using very small tweeter between two flat sides of woofers . quasi coaxial design https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lisb79ch-bache-audio-sofia-102-full-range    
Steve Guttenberg reviews an ATC active?
Steve made the nice review , i think he is most knowledgeable audio expert who can not only made  qualified  video  ,  also is very helpful   
This weekend, Feb. 16-18th - 2024 Florida International Audio Expo
Dont forget to go room  #309  HIFILOGIC  with Charney Audio Loudspeakers , must listen , very good sound.  
Westchester, New York
  We have audio group  NY , NJ  ( joined) , , Usally made meeting in NJ  
My speaker upgrade journey - and a few questions
@jcs01 you not far from me, you can come over to my showroom in Brooklyn or we  make A/B comparison `with my brand speakers in you room  
Speakers - Your "Safest" Choice
Tektone !!!, Save Money to Las Vegas Trip , Play Casino and get you money BACK !!!  
Efficient speakers -- What was your journey from A to B to ?
Very hard to make efficiancy speaker, no refrigerator size, First- lowbass driver must be active to mach sinsitvity other driver, Horn tweeter is must, dont look whizzer cone -is the chip mechanical tweeter attached to main cone and have the poor ... 
Floor to Bookshelf
Hello Williams, i am happy to got this real feedback, i hope another audiogoners  can listen   
Clayton Shaw Acoustic Lab's Caladan open-baffle speaker ($3295/pair).
@steakster ---- which can be overcome with good positioning - in a good room.-----  ,     I dont  think so,  Sound wave from front side of cone and back side  neutralize  each other , depending only of baffle and speaker cone size . For 2 12 " w... 
Clayton Shaw Acoustic Lab's Caladan open-baffle speaker ($3295/pair).
@ozzy62  Yes i do speakers also, For me  is very intresting how  potensional customers likes is different one,  Open buffle is very popular now , and i try to understand why? To get good bass response similar to other type  a enclosure , open baff... 
Who is excited about Capital Audiofest 2023?
@dodgealum   what you impression for bass performance Clayton speakers  
Who is excited about Capital Audiofest 2023?
Any one visited room  # 734   Bache Audio/ Alexus Audio ?  
Do you think driver “break in” is real?
Placebo effect,   Breaking time is the just in you mind    
Midrange Increasingly Harsh
Is impossible to get good sound from low grade speakers, you can do anything but it does not help.   
The best looking speakers