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Recs for Cheap Integrated Amp?
Sorry, I meant to say I would not choose an Onkyo multi-channel receiver, only the two-channel receiver. 
Recs for Cheap Integrated Amp?
I spent a lot of years finding the best in low cost stereo equipment. My opinion is you cannot do better than the NAD 3020. So, like was said above, if your present broken amp is an NAD 3020, get it fixed and keep it. If not, look for another one.... 
What speakers for NAD Model 314
One of my all time favourites was a NAD 3020 with the B&W 601's. If the 3020 would've had a remote, I'd still have it somewhere.John 
What speakers for NAD Model 314
B&W, PSB and Monitor Audio have always been good combinations with NAD equipment I've had. Of the three I felt PSB was the best overall, although I would choose Monitor Audio because I listen to mostly classical.John 
Good Bookshelf Speakers for a Hearing Loss?
I would second the advice to change amp. I've recently moved from an Onkyo to an Arcam and found a noticeable positive difference in the harshness of sound with the same speakers. I seem to get all the detail without the harshness.John 
Magnepan 1.6QR
If I were in your position I would stick with the Denon for the time being,or, at least give it a try. When I first heard the Maggie 1.6 it was driven by a 50 wpc integrated at a stereo shop. I was mightily impressed. The shop owner told me you wi... 
YOUR Favorite Bookshelf/Monitor below $500
If you're looking at the PSB Alpha's you should take a look at the PSB Image 25B. They're a good step above the Alpha's and still below your $500 mark. I would also take a look at the Focal JM-Labs 705's. I think, if you shop, you could also find ... 
Small Room
I just read over the North Acoustics (North Creek) website. It would appear their Near Wall speakers, the Spirits and Kitty Kat were made for my situation. The Kitty Kats are bigger and have more bass. Is there any reason anyone can think of that ... 
'great' bookshelf speakers for under 500?
I have both the PSB Image 2's and B&W 601's. I have nothing but praise for both of these and they are well under $500.John 
Monitors and Integrated for $300-$500
Pair up some PSB Image or Alpha speakers with NAD 320BEE. They're a great budget combination. Used will certainly be in this price range, if you look hard enough you might find a combination new. 
What's your favorite lyric from a song?
"Feed your babies onions, so you can find them in the dark." 
No one cares this is the anniversary?
I spent time with my father and a friend of his over the weekend. His friend was part of the invasion, his boat was sunk off the coast of Normandy, and my dad spent 18 months in a prison camp after getting shot down over Germany. Both men were tru... 
NAD C320BEE Rotel RA-01 Cambridge 640A
I have not heard the Cambridge, but I selected the NAD c320 over the Rotel. I found it to be more musical and better at low volumes. 
Speakers for NAD C320BEE?
I have the NAD C320BEE paired with PSB Image 2B. I think they are great. I particulary like the way they detail at low volume levels. 
When your wife...
I had a Yamaha receiver and really liked it. I then moved to the NAD c320Bee and like it better. I would stick with the receiver because you listed radio listening as one of your top priorities. I think the Image 4T's are a great price, you probab...