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when to get new stylus
That is actually a MM, a fancy version of the Sumiko Pearl. Time for a new tip. The Pearl tip should fit but the 201 tip is not much more. That cartridge is a very old design dating back to the 1970s. In Canada it was also sold as a Coral or Andan... 
Pro-Ject turntables
I run Clearaudio, Technics, Rega and Project tables. Each one tells you something different about your records. I have a new Pro-ject Essential2 for my small system and I am very impressed. I upgraded the cartridge tip to an OM20 and it sound very... 
B & W CM10
B&W and Mac is a good combo and Cm10 is a really decent speaker. I use a Mac integrated with the older 700 series floor stander. 
Mini-monitors $5,000 - $10,000
The new PM1 and Diamond 805 scale down from the full range B&Ws very well. PM1 is something of a bargain for a super mini. Smaller Raidho should be in scope budget wise and a good match since Nordost demonstrate their wares with those speakers... 
Clearaudio MM specs rolled back?
I run multiple AT95 variants. They all sound different. I currently use the LP Gear version called AT95se in dark green plastic body which replaced the yellow body AT95ce. The move to a elliptical tip from conical means more midrange detail but th... 
Best phono preamp under $500?
Clearaudio Nano. Made in Germany. Small high quality and neutral sounding. 
Rega P25 vs Clearaudio Concept?
No just different flavours. Concept has better speed and pitch stability while the Rega sounds warmer and more textured. 
Pro-ject Debut Carbon vs Debut III ??
I have used a Debut II for 5 years on my 3000 LP collection with no issues. The arm does not suck. It is quite functional and work well with your record assuming you have a well matched cartridge (I use a At95ce from LP Gear). I also use the heavi... 
Pro-ject Debut Carbon vs Debut III ??
No issue with the arm. I have been running a Debut 3 for 5 years. Probably have 5,000 hours omit with no issues. I also have higher end tables to compare and no LPs have been damaged. Project makes a very fine budget record deck. But yes the Carbo... 
Clearaudio Concept MM cartridge
It is not an At95e, though uses the basic architecture. I own both. One mounted on a project table and another on a Concept. The Concept is more open, detailed and transparent. Specs are completely different. 
Kimber Kable:Spker Cable: Which offers best sound?
I used Kimber and Nordost. Kimber on a basic system and Nordost on the main system. Nordost Leif series rocks, especially the Purple Flare and Red Dawn which are both 6 element vs 4 element from the White Lightning or LS Blue Heaven. The two compa... 
LS3/5a's - what amps are you using?
I use a Rega Elex. No issue at all. 11 ohms. Very easy to drive. Inefficient but 1 clean watt is all you need in my room. 
Looking for experiences with Rega Fono pre-amps
I use the Fono and a cheap CA 540. The Rega is warmer and more textured sounding 
Rega P5 owners
Nolitan: not sure if my system qualifies as reavealing but I have been using B&W speakers in my main system: initally 805s and now 704s. Not quite in the snack bracket you mention but these are pretty revealing for the money. Rega sounds great... 
Rega P5 owners
It makes the music flow better - more relaxing to listen to and better articulation of certain details. Get the power supply before any other upgrades. I use mine with an Elsye2.