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Amps for Sonus Faber Stradivari Homage
I have a mcintosh mc402 now playing on the Strads, but will probably go back to my Mcintosh 2102 when I re-tube. The Strads sound best with my tubes. I just put some Telefunken smothplates in my Pre, C220. The 402 plays louder with more control. T... 
Advice buying a Music Server? Just Olive 4HD?
Olive Just released a New 06HD this week. Anybody heard it?? 
McIntosh MX-132 Auto Detect 2 channel vs. DD/DTS??
I have an MX-132, and I don't believe you can do that. I tried to figure that out before. 
mcintosh c200 vs. c46
I a/b the C220 vs C45. thought the C45 was a little too polite. Throw some tubes in your system.............Bought the C220..might upgrade to C500 or the MEN220 
Mcintosh 501 monoblocks vs. 402
I've heared Slow from one of my dealers............I think it's is in direct contract to IN YOUR FACE amplifiers.Mac all the way........ 
Best surround processor $2-2.5K used ????
Ther's an MX 134 and MX 135 available used now also 
Best surround processor $2-2.5K used ????
Pick up the Mcintosh MX132 used on Audiogon now, Get a HDMI switcher..Run the Audio thru good audio cables.Great Price Fix. 
New Sooloos start-up?
Let me know what you think after using it. I'm interested in one. 
Benchmark DAC-1 vs DAC-1 HDR
I run my benchmark to a Mcintosh C220 Tube....Tried it without directly into Tube mcintosh 2102.I like the preamp in the chain.I like the bloom and roundness that it provided. 
IC recommendations for McIntosh MC275
I use Bel the Wire 
Mcintosh Volume control acting erratic
My MX 132 will sometimes need to be re-booted, which means turning off the main switch and leaving it off for a few minutes. No big deal 
How to fix my detailed, accurate but BRIGHT system
Throw a little Mcintosh into it 
Outboard Dac's...Do they make a big difference?
I recently put a Benchmark DAC on my MC205, Love the upgrade 
Upgrade from Benchmark Dac?
I just got The Benchmark a couple of weeks ago. 4est is right above...Dac's will continue to come down in price as the technology changes. My Mcintosh CD was great, but the Dac is several years old now...I'll upgrade the Dac in a couple of years o... 
Solid State Version of Tube McIntosh C220
I tried the C45 before I bought the C220