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Loudspeaker dispersion-
In most cases, speakers use drivers lined up vertically, the dispersion of the individual drivers doesn't vary, but the summed output will vary because the drivers are not concentric but positioned in a line and putting out different frequencies. 
Gallo Strada Reference
I haven't heard an A'Diva along with a Strada, or even A/B'd them. But it's my opinion that the front speakers in a surround system should all be the same. I know that they are all Gallo speakers but the construction is so different between them t... 
2k$ speakers that meet my criteria?
Dracule 1, on the internet TIA = 'Thanks In Advance' ;~) 
Help Audio Alchemy Blues
Dusty is now "Channel Islands Audio" and I don't think he is repairing AA gear any longer but may be able to point you in the right direction..., Barry 
Bryston 4Bsst2 or 7Bsst2 and Anthony Gallo 3.1
Hello Truman,I've owned the Gallo reference you speak of, had them for 10 years and loved them. About a year ago I replaced them with the Reference 3.1 speakers and I was never really sure I did the right thing (I had to sell the older versions be... 
Gallo/amp questions
Take a look at I've heard these amps paired with Reference 3.x speakers and the pairing was very good. 
Speakers that disappear
Gallo Reference 3.5. The 3.1 was great, the 3.5 is fantastic! 
How do you take apart Gallo reference II speakers?
The plastic rivets can be removed by CAREFULLY drilling out their centers. You could probably find a suitable, if not an exact, replacement. I can see if Anthony remembers where he sourced them.Why do you need to take them apart? 
Gallo 3.1's and amps?
I do have the 3.5s in my system now, and I've never used the second VC on my 3.1s or 3.5s. 
Gallo 3.1's and amps?
Newbrook,Having had both in my system, I swear to you, the 3.5 sounds far superior to the 3.1, there is no going back for me.Regards, Barry 
Ohm F remodel options
I don't think the current Ohm drivers are the same as the "F", a true Walsh driver. As such I think you're best off with Dale Harder... 
Gallo Ref 3.1 stands, need more stability, help...
Thanks Ritrau,I had googled them, and saw the clothing store, but thought there may be another that I hadn't found. FWIW there are none less than an hour away, but I may stop in when we go visit my sister-in-law.Thanks, Barry 
Zu Essence vs Martin Logan
Mcallen,I tend to agree somewhat with Riley, but may I suggest a slightly different approach. State the general area in which you reside, list the speakers you're interested in hearing, and ask if there are others in your general neck of the woods... 
Gallo Ref 3.1 stands, need more stability, help...
Ritrau, I'm interested.What/Where is Ross Store? 
Omni Speaker Options
The Gallo Reference series are nearly an omni with their CDT emitting sound in 330 degrees. I love mine.These, similar to the Ohms, also look interesting... I haven't heard them or the Ohms.