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Time to buy a class D amp?
It will get better.     It’s not hifi yet but getting closer. 
Amps with meters ...
I e got some old carver m500 amps.   Love how the light up the room.    Thinking about upgrading the lights in one to led.  
I gre out of Be Tweeters
Over the years I notice I go on and off with ribbon tweeters.    I have a few different vintages of carver amazings .   With modern dsp they can really be amazing     Sometime pieces they sing better than my more modern speakers.   Some material t... 
Your Side by Side Experience With Best Vintage vs Newer Expensive Hi Tech Speakers
I am a collector of full range speakers.  A good pair of vintage speakers with modern dsp can absolutely make newer speaker seem silly to buy.     I’ve yet to hear anything that will touch the larger dunlavys.p, For 10000 or less. Or the big old t... 
Best used speakers under $10000
Dunlavy sc 5s.    There is a pair for sale now.      Or magico 3s or 5s if you can find used.    Higher end legacy speakers .    All these sound clear and can punch as you describe.  
Best speakers for a Pass XA 30.5
Check out symphonic lie RG 5 speakers.   Made in Europe and a step up from any mentioned above  imo  
SWARM / Multi subwoofer questions
It’s a little more speedy ,  the legacy wavelet is a step up from a Mini dsp 
Class A Solid State Sound
George is right on this.  Back to the OP’s question reguarging sound.   I’ve had several pass amps over the years , if you like that voicing it’s pretty similiar in all their lineup.   The gryphon ss amps asound more like symphonic line amps or bo... 
Where are the subs?
I’m not shocked either.   Recently put in full blown home theater , room is treated and fronts are full range.    Room is critica.    Same speakers in a different room with same electronics they sound bass shy.   However I. The basement theater th... 
Pure Class A amps above 100 Watts?
Any krell fbp amp will be better than the Ksa watt for watt.  The fbp use  regulated outputs 
Conrad Johnson ART amps - Watts at 8 ohms vs 4 ohms
Not sure how they are getting those power ratings with only 2  kt 150 per channel   Seems dreamy.    
Apogee Scintilla Power
I had those back in the day.   The sun fires will drive them pretty well. Big soundcraftsmen amp is what you want for something cheap to run them.  Like a 5002      If you can find a used krell  fbp series those will make the scintilla sing. 
Older Electronics - When to cut bait? Your thoughts?
Sounds like you want a primaluna.  Have you heard their products?    I’ve rebuilt several.    They are better than Jolida but not by much.   Would look at higher end tube amps used.     Then cj amp u have is way past it’s prime.    I’m sure it can... 
Anthem STR or Lyngdorf TDAI 2170?
I would suggest changing speakers.  Those are impacting your dead sound in the smaller room  
How much to tip the home theater installers?
When I was young I did some high end installations    The best tips I ever got was the used gea.  Some people would ask if I wanted it and as a college kid I never said no to gear I could use or sell cheap to friends.     If you don’t have any gea...