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pioneer dv38a vs dv47 whats the difference?
true - but which players dont have the chroma bug? i know the ead doesn't... any others? 0-b 
Best new 5 ch.SACD/ DVD-A/ DVD/ CD player?
but why does the dv47a cost so much less than the apparently inferior dv38a? what giveS??? 
Best DVD plyr for under 1000 new or used ?
i can just envision that my brand of cd recorder or my brand of cds or my software won't be correct for this player, and then what do i do? prob not a risk i'm willing to take... just a thought. any ideas about the ead unit? b 
Best DVD plyr for under 1000 new or used ?
what is better the dv38a or the 47a? can't figure out how pioneer labels their stuff... :l 
Best DVD plyr for under 1000 new or used ?
sony doesn't play cd-r of which i make many... any other suggestions? is the ead one really good? i heard theirs is essentially the panasonic. any truth to that? thx again!baz 
difference in Pioneer Elite dvd players
do any of these players play cds as well? whats the quality of cd players as well. theres a guy on audiogon that sells the dv38a brand new w free shipping for 950. that seems pretty good doesnt it? thx... baz 
Krell KAV-250a: good? vs. Bryston 4B ST at price?
totally agree with dave43 -i have kav 250a power b&w n804s through a lex pre and i absolutely love the sound. perfect for audio, and since you mentioned bass slam, WOW, in movies its phenomenal. i have a jm labs sw38a sub that enhances just th... 
hi newbie... hehe...there's a guy on audiogon who sells the elite pro 20 series for really good prices. the 53" one was about $4400 delivered. i think his handle is 'micshin' or something like that. check the home theater - video for sale ads or d... 
hi-actually, both tvs were directly side by side, with the same ntsc signal from satellite and the same hd channel when set that way. each was placed to factory default settings as well. as far as the issue of size, the mits was not as wide as the... 
I did a side by side comparison with the mits diamond and the pioneer elite 520 today. i must say, the mits picture looked brighter with better color, but the pioneer seemed to handle NTSC better, and the stretched look seemed better (more real) w... 
i can get the pioneer elite pro 520 for $4k + $400 shipping. that's pretty good considering local retailer is asking $5400 but down to $4860 at best offer. after tax and delivery this is about $5200. i save $800 by going with the guy on audiogon. ... 
B&W Nautilus Subwoofer to match N804s
i have the jm labs sw38a in my system with n804s. same bass driver as the wilson grand slams and very tight, controlled bass. watch the crossovers on whatever sub you get tho - let the n804s do what they can and just fill in the lowest lows with t... 
How to Listen ??
i started into this trap 2 years ago. started by buying a new amp, and i was lost after that. hearing how changing different components affects the sound can get you going. for me, it's actually fun now. but the more you listen, the more you hear.... 
Best interconnects 2m for less than 200/pr used
bwhite - hi - i can get 2 pair of audioquest lapis x3 - 2m and 1.5m for $500. sound good? some of the reviews i've been reading favor the cardas neutral reference, and i noticed the lapis x3 are 'discontinued' for what it's worth. should i take th... 
Best interconnects 2m for less than 200/pr used
Thanks. The guy is offering 5 Kimber Hero 2m locking RCA interconnects for $450. I'd like some higher quality ICs for the Krell tho. I guess it's tough to find a set for