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Wadia 861se with GNS vs Esoteric or Emm players
Leonx, a lot of recordings studio's are using the Meitner Dacs.Alsoo for SACD recordings,and they are very very good. 
Wadia 861se with GNS vs Esoteric or Emm players
IIRC Leonx has a Meridian 800. I don't think it can play SACD. I know him and he thinks that the 800 is the best player in the world. 
Wadia 861se with GNS vs Esoteric or Emm players
Listen to EMMLabs with SACD and you will be very happy!!!!! 
Nordost vs. Transparent...which is better?
If a cable is good,you can use it through the whole system without problems.So this means that Nordost is not neutral.I vote for use of the same brand through your system,this way you'll get the most out of your system.But some may disagree. 
I have the EMMLabs combo and i switched it for a Denon 1650.Wel i found that the EMMLabs is more upfront than the Denon.And i don't use the Kimber powercords on the EMML.because that is only make it worse.Is it that so that the EMMLabs is playing ... 
preamp for classe ca200
I would go for a classe pre amp.Like the CP47.5 or the 65.That would be a great combination. 
EMM OWNERS Poll - What hangs off YOUR DAC?
I am using the Audioquest Sky XLR.I wanted a neutral interconnect so i bought the AQ SKY.Together with the Everest speakercable. 
Sound signature of AudioQuest?
Cables are a upgrade and if you choose for AQ you get a neutral cable. And that is what you need IMHO. 
20A P.C. Recomendations for Rowland Model 6 Monos.
I have the model 9 with BPS and i use the Voodoo Mana from Bruce.This cable has 8AWG wire inside.I bought this cable because it has no power restriction.I talked to Jeff Rowland and our importer in the Netherlands and they said that with BPS: powe... 
power cords for 220v
When i buy the Tice powercords i must change to Schuko and a 20A plug.So both are being replaced. 
power cords for 220v
So a Tice power conductor 2 powercord is no problem for use in the Netherlands? 
How trustworhty is Used Cables?
I just ordered new AQ (powercords).Reply on emails is fast and they seem very nice people to deal with. 
EMM "Versions"
Can someone tell me where the hot AC should be on the DCC2?On the back of the DCC2. here | or | earth here | 
Anybody tried the new Gold Quicksilver enhancer ?
Where can we get it?Website? 
Help-IC's needed AU or AQ
Rello is right.Go for AQ. I own the Sky and the Everest speakercable.They are excellent!!!!!