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Replacement for Shindo
I doubt they are going out of business. They are still signing up dealers and sending product to said dealers as far as I know.  
Halcro update
I had wondered the same! That's an interesting story. I have never heard them before but always wanted to. Thanks for posting.  
Questions about Musical Fidelity M5si Integrated
Safe & Sound are also dealers. Nice, helpful people. Safe & Sound    
Excellent interview with Mark Levinson
I'd like to have a C - Wave module that a DAC can plug into! At an affordable price of course! Licensing it to some DAC manufacturers as a filter option would be great...or add it to something like HQ Player as an option.   
Anyone else order Caladans from Clayton Shaw?
@the_nick That sounds really fishy. What would you be disputing? Non-delivery? That would be bad for them. You'd have to provide PayPal with assorted proof and an email asking you to dispute it would not look good for them.  
Anyone tried Devore o/93 with Sugden A2 1SE
Great combination. That Sugden is one of the best amps for Devore's...or any speakers that don't need tons of power. If someone asked me for a tube amp "substitute", it's the first one I'd recommend. I've owned it and heard it on quite a few diffe... 
Gallium Nitride GaN Class D Amplifiers
I wanted to give an update. I needed to drop off a couple DACs I was trying at my local AGD dealer. I mentioned this thread and told him about my thoughts on bass. He said he never heard that nor experienced it in his own systems with their amps. ... 
Gallium Nitride GaN Class D Amplifiers
Interesting, @izjjzi. I have the stereo AGD and feel the same about the bass. The sound is as good as anything I’ve had but the bass is light compared to others...or is it more truthful? I think it’s tad light but everything else about it is spect... 
Obvious Epiphany
Why not just move the left speaker forward of the right speaker or the right speaker back? I've found the Sumiko setup to be the optimal way to place speakers and they often end up uneven with each other. They're your ears, not the person's who ma... 
DAC comparison. Cheap vs expensive with 15 test tracks
Thanks for spending the time to do this and write it up. I love reading about comparisons like this. I'd never heard of HifiBerry until now. Is it more popular in Europe?  
He spent his life building a $1 million stereo. The real cost was unfathomable.
@exigem2 I go into a lot of houses after family members pass and this is my number one takeaway. Please plan to get rid of whatever stuff you "collect" so you don't leave the burden to your family. Antiques, records, Beanie Babies, lawnmowers, etc... 
Lumin Hifi Rose or Aurender
Lumin and T&A would be a great combo. Both well built. Both have great volume controls, one digital and one analog. Just an FYI but I liked the DAC 200 better with a good streamer than using HQPlayer upsampling everything to DSD. Not sure abou... 
Lumin Hifi Rose or Aurender
Does Innous support tidal connect or spotify connect ? @efoo They support Spotify connect via plugins. I'm not sure about Tidal as I use the Sense app for that (with a Pulse). The Sense software can be used via an app or web based. It also allo... 
Question for Ayre EX-8 owners
So long as you’re consistent with the input, you could use either channel for left or right. If you use the speaker connector on the right, make sure the right channel input cables are connected directly below. This is correct. Ayre does not ca... 
Harman acquires Roon
I would imagine they'll add movies so people can have an audio/video whole house solution, i.e., choose device/TV, then choose what movie or song/album you want there. Group them, something different in each room, different users/guest have their ...