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Thiel Owners
tomthiel - Thank you for the info about the SS2. I already purchased it from Rob and I really just wanted you to tell me it is the best sub I can buy for the money. haha. I am a little confused about why repairing it would be an issue. If the amp ... 
Thiel Owners
Does anyone have a pair of CS2.7 with the Thiel Smart Sub 2.2? I already have a pair of CS2.7 and am purchasing a SS2.2 from Rob. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this subwoofer and how they like it. Thanks! 
Thiel CS3 Without The EQ
I had an old CS3 Bass EQ that stopped working so I just bought a new one in the box from Coherent Source Service.http://https//www.coherentsourceservice.com/ I was super happy that Rob had them in stock because there is very little bass without th...