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Tube amps under $7500
I wished I would had listened years ago when someone suggested to me MCintosh ,ARC or CJ as a preamp. I kiss a lot of frogs on my journey.Listen to the words of wisdom @ghdprentice ​​​​​​he is like the good cool uncle at the bbq .One of my biggest... 
Tube amps under $7500
Audio Research, Conrad Johnson or Macintosh or go home . You can always resell them at a decent price . Good luck selling that Prima Luna with a huge lost .   
New expensive power cord for amp and no change in sound?
Sell it and move on .  
Audio Research Pre-Amp advice
Buy once and cry once . @ghdprentice he knows his ARC stuff. You might get a good deal off of hifishark . Things happen in life and toys have to go . Some buyers just don't want to get low balled by the dealer .     
Budget preamp recommendation...besides Schiit.
What do you consider a budget pre amp ? Check ARC, Conrad Johnson ,Rogue ,Parasound or Bryston. I enjoyed my Bryston BP 20 and My Conrad Johnson Premier 17.  
Why all or most audiophiles are men?
My cousin a female introduced me to music .She sold me my set of speakers .A pair of Lafayette speakers . She had a killer Sansui receiver , big band equalizer , Technic turntable and Vinyl for days. The gatekeepers are real.  
Preamp for Bryston 4b3 & Tannoy Cheviots
Keep it simple and sweet. Look into purchasing a Conrad Johnson or Audi Research tube pre amp . Trust me you will be happy.   
Besides the BBB how do you fight claim resolution against FedEx
Read the fine print.Shipping insurance only honors claims if they pack it.  
Would you buy a pair of speakers by just looking at the measured freq. response?
Yes . On sale or pre owned .  
How does a preamp die from sitting unused for a few months?
Count your blessing . I recently purchased a pre amp that was in storage . It aent DC voltage to my speakers . Literally had my speakers smoking and my speaker wire arched white when I pulled the wires .  Use a Varaic to introduce voltage to the ... 
A tube amp equivalent to ARC-80S or 160S?
Buy once cry once . Save your coins and buy what you want .   
Help With New Preamp Decision
Stay away from those high priced boutique brands . I always took the Prima Luma pill. That guy Kevin is heck of salesman . It has to been a reason why so many of the are on the pre owned market .  
Mcintosh pre amp pricing
God Bless America and Capitalism. You can only receive what the market gives you .   
Can Anyone Recommend a Repair Shop in NJ to Fix a Pioneer Elite Blu Ray Player?
Try analogique . I recently took my Conrad Johnson to be serviced.   
Dc voltage sent to my speakers
Thanks a ton my Audiogon family . I can't scream this loud enough I SHOULD HAVE USE A VARIAC . Because the tube pre amp was in storage for years.