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How many of your play instruments?
I am a trombonist, but my son mow has my horns after an accident caused a Bell's Palsy which of course affected my embrouchure. Nevertheless, I am also a choral singer (low bass) and I sing regularly. I would hate to choose between listening and p... 
Your last concert was to see who and when?
Bobby Floyd's trio (Bobby on the B-3, Derek Dicenzo on bass, and Reggie Jackson on drums) weekend before last at Becky Ogden's house in Columbus. Becky opens her home to local musicians regularly, and there is little better than hearing local play... 
Older man's voice that got me onto chills...
Andy Bey belongs in there too. 
Best reasonably priced classic hi-end tuner
I have had an Audiolab 8000T for years -- great sound, well reviewed, AM/FM, and no problems. These come up occasionally on A'gon. Good luck. 
CEC TL5100Z -- repair or replace?
Thanks for your additional suggestions. Looks like I will have some options. David 
CEC TL5100Z -- repair or replace?
Thanks, Ivan. I will contact Wayne. David 
Great films where music is a central theme.
OMG! How could I have forgotten Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and their most excellent band, Wyld Stallyns? Most heinous. Party on dudes!David 
Great films where music is a central theme.
Jax2,Surprised we didn't come up with Young Frankenstein. I think the violin theme definitely meets the parameters. Then there is also Dreamgirls, which we missed somehow.Back to your question about Close Encounters: I said "close" because I wasn'... 
Great films where music is a central theme.
What about A Mighty Wind? And/or This is Spinal Tap? And, as an aside, I realize that it's not a movie, the HBO series Treme, for sure. Close Encounters is close. I'm sure there are more... 
Great films where music is a central theme.
Of course there is always Alex and Ludwig van in Clockwork Orange. And Blues Brothers. And it that vein, there is also Ferris Bueller's Day Off, with his great Danke Schoen cover in downtown Chicago.Great thread. 
Favorite Pianists
Till Fellner -- great Bach. 
RIP Hank Jones
Yes, RIP. Ben Ratliff's book, The Jazz Ear, has a chapter devoted to Hank Jones' contributions and his reflections on his craft. 
best Marantz tuners?
Rob,Take a look at this website:http://www.fmtunerinfo.comLots of tuner info (as the url hints), including plenty of Marantz gear.David 
low profile tuners?
Additional note -- the Audiolab is black and ought to look good with the Naim 5i.Also, lots of good tuner info at www.fmtunerinfo.comDavid 
low profile tuners?
Albireo,I have an Audiolab 8000T, less than 3" tall and a terrific AM/FA\M tuner. Well reviewed as well. They turn up occasionally on A'gon. Good luck.David