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Best speaker in the US $ 30-45.000,00 range
Coincident pure reference extreemes!!!! 
Escalante Fremont
Your a tough guy Audiofeil. Judging by the Speaker lines you carry, I will take that as a compliment. Maybe you should get your hearing checked. 
Escalante Fremont
Audiofeil,I have an hones opinion based on owning and hearing a many pairs of speakers costing as much as or more than the Freemonts. If you don't like my opinion, that fine, but it is my opinion. You always seem to post negative comments here on ... 
Escalante Fremont
they are great speakers!!! The only review that wasn't just awesome was stereophile. Everyone else gave rave reviews and even bought the review pair. I owned them for 3 years and the only reason I still don't have them is I moved to a house with a... 
Short List of the Best 20K Speakers
Coincident Pure Reference!!!!!!!!! 
Shindo and Coincident
I think you should give NAT audio a try. I have heard these amps on numerous occasions and they are incredible. They are not a huge company but have gotten great reviews by those who hear them. Their balanced preamps are some of the best I have he... 
Sensitive enough speakers for low power SET
I agree 100% with the coincident suggestion. This speaker line is truly the best buy in audio. Their sound competes with or out does the "best" money can buy designs at a fraction of the price. Every time I go to a show and hear them I'm blown awa... 
coincident speakers do you have troubadors
Trelja,All your posts now make more sense. Since you are a manufacturer, you should be posting that from the start. You do have a hidden agenda. I don't think Ralph at atma-sphere would approve of your tasteless posts and bashing of anothers reput... 
coincident speakers do you have troubadors
Teljia,I have no affiliation with coincident nor do I own his speakers (yet). I have spoken to Israel on the phone several times and he was more than gracious. I find it somewhat disturbing that you would go to great lengths to bash a very reputab... 
With $20,000 in your hand, what speaker would you
Coincident pure reference!!!!!!!! 
Coincident Victory or Eminent Tech LFT8
The coincident line line of speakers are just awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! They march well with everything, and really sing with tubes. They maintain a flat impedence, and very efficient and offer incredible value that matches some of the best speakers ma... 
Krell KID vs. Wadia i170.
Hey Bombaywalla,First off I bought 2 krell kids if you must know. I am not implying that more expensive gear is better because it costs more but what I amsaying that if a 350.00 piece of gear which traditionally has a 30-40% dealer markup and also... 
msb Ilink vs. wadia 170i ipd docks
RW what's "an elevated playing you're playing on" mean 
Big Karan amps
While I agree with Rtn1 about the midrange and their power I disagree somewhat on what he says about their bass, speed, and slam. I think they are incredibly fast but more liquid in their presense. I think their sound is more accurate or real wher... 
Big Karan amps
I had the citadels and I found them a little more accurate than the bat 600s, a little more sterile and not as warm. I think the karan smokes them all by a large margin