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Phono stage good for classical and jazz?
The Liberty B2B has excellent, speed, clarity, and plenty of slam. There is one for sale here on AudioGon:http://app.audiogon.com/listings/phono-liberty-audio-phono-stage-b2b-mint-complete-full-factory-warranty-2014-01-12-preamplifiers-28401-cape-... 
Von Schweikert Anniversary 5 Mk 1 Tweeter
Oops...ScanSpeak 2904/7000-00. I transposed the #'s. 
Von Schweikert Anniversary 5 Mk 1 Tweeter
Thank you BrfIt is the ScanSpeak 2409/7000-00. Ordered it today from Madisound. 
Koetsu US Importer
Emil_f: Please post link to Platinum Magnet White Paper."Nice site...attention to detail"? The Pelotone site haa virtually no information whatsoever. Not even a complete listing of MC carts. 
Koetsu US Importer
I started this thread on Vinyl Asylum last week that covers this topic in detail:http://db.audioasylum.com/mhtml/m.html?forum=vinyl&n=1062308&highlight=koetsu&search_url=%2Fcgi%2Fsearch.mpl%3FForumSelect%3DSelected%26author%3Dlake%2540... 
SUT decision: Ortofon Verto vs Ortofon STA6600L
[My 10-13-13 post was filled with embarrassing typos. I am hoping that the moderator(s) will delete that post in favor of the corrected version below.]Once you audition one of Bob's blue series SUT's (the 1131 or Sky 30) running into the MM sectio... 
SUT decision: Ortofon Verto vs Ortofon STA6600L
One you audition on of Bob's blue series SUT's (the 1131 or Sky 30) running into the MM section of your phono you will be amazed at the improvement. Built & backed in the USA & Bob is a wealth of information. {Check Art Dudley's Stereophil... 
Phonostage with dual inputs?
I own the Jasmine LP2.0MkII (soon to be upgraded with Jantzen oil filled output caps). My dearest friend (lives with 4 miles of my front door) concurrently owns the following Jasmine Phono Stages: 2.0MkII. 2.5, & the 3.0.So, I have frequently ... 
Koetsu RoseWood Standard upgrade?
I have the Koetsu Platinum Tigereye mounted on a VPI 12.7i arm. The synergy between cartridge & arm is excellent. 
Koetsu RoseWood Standard upgrade?
The art of great sound goes beyond the mathematics of sufficient output. If it was that easy, everyone with basic electronic circuitry skills could do it. To tap into that famous Koetsu magic (and, it is indeed magical) it takes more than a formul... 
Comparisons -- low cost cable swing with big boys?
Thank you Podeschi. I am the cable builder for Bob. We work in the same shop in close proximity. It is a privilege to watch Bob build his SUT's. The time, meticulous attention to detail, and testing serves to inspire me. I try to apply the same st... 
step up transformer?
The Bob Devices Blue Series 1131 reviewed much higher s than the Audio Note. See Art Dudley Stereophile, 10 Audio, 6 Moons, & Dagogo. Made in USA 
Need inexpensive ICs with superior shielding
what speakers sound like von schweikert vr6
Listed on Ebay 2nd time today for $15,000.00 (more than 1998 retail). They are 14-15 years old. I offered $5,000.00 & local pick-up. Following posts on Audio Asylum/Speaker Asylum, $5,000 is high since many of the speakers that make up the VR-... 
Anyone try the Jasmine LP2.0SE?
Also Google as 4 Pin Ham & CB Radio Connectors - there are many suppliers. However, none are made of exotic materials such as OCC copper or silver.