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The magic of outdoor listening
Not sure l know what Boomer Rock is, possibly referring to baby boomer Rock? I don't blast outside like I used to, but when we did we asked all the neighbors anywhere near us if it was bothering them and we got positive response from everyone. Now... 
The magic of outdoor listening
We used to jam out with Klipsch Forte Ils on my back deck, high spls. Our neighbors were all good with the wide variety of loud music,most of which they had ever heard before. Now we have one that is less thrilled with it so although we still list... 
Synthesis LM260 Speakers?
8 years later, I guess it's not too late to resurrect these comments. I've had the LM 210s for a few years and just pulled them out of the closet. I sent them up in a small room and I'm certainly surprised at how great they sound. They never play... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
"That flag decal won't get you into Heaven anymore"...disterbingly topical words from the Late Great John Prine.RIP   
Business Ethics in the Audio Industry
If they did nothing wrong, they certainly did nothing right. Delaying shipment of a product they no longer stocked was poor service.I agree with camb, that's no way to build a reputation for great service. 
Review: NAD 3120 Amplifier
Well, 9 years after my previous post, I'm listening to my 3120 again.Got it back last year from my friend, and enjoying it so much I thought it was time to comment again. Anyone else still have one in service?After about 33 years this thing still ... 
Brandi Carlise- The Firewatcher's Daughter
It took a little time for me too. Fortunately I had just enough time before we went to see her. I didn't connect to the in your face aspect of some of the songs at first. It's definitely different, but started to make sense with repeat listening. ... 
Luxman M-600A
HMMM...I thought making a sales pitch was a no-no here? 
How do you respond to this question?
...and you don't need a magnifying glass to see whats on the cover. 
Klipsch Chorus II or Forte II - Secondary system
With these classic Klipsch, you really don't need big power for great sound. Want to make people really scratch their heads while you stand back grinning? Get yourself a silly cheap t-amp. I have a HHLY that's 12wpc and only about h2"h x 3.5"w x 5... 
Freak Me Out
NUNSEXMONKROCK by Nina Hagen. 1983, still there's nothing like it. 
Similar sounding bands.
Robin Trower did HendrixStarcastle did YesTom Petty did the Byrds, Dylan and everything in between 
Classical, Spanish & South American Guitar Jewels
I'm no expert, but I am thoroughly enjoying Stunz&Farah"Primal Magic". Maybe not pure traditional Flamenco, a little mix of influences. The guitar playing has an effortless feel I find entrancing. 
Similar sounding bands.
Damned if that Dyson Dc35 vacuum cleaner doesn't look just like a giant pink and silver tone arm. 
"Neck and Neck" Mark Knopfler/Chat Atkins
Althogh a quick look failed to find it online, there is a video for There'll Be Some Changes Made. Looks like they are recording it live in a living room. Really love Chet, "Read My Licks" is a favorite. Neck and Neck is one of the best things Mar...