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Can you help me select a pre/pro?
Thanks for your responses. I have been using the downmix option on my Sony DVD player (5.1.Dolby Digital -> 2 channel PCM) and then routing it to my Accuphase DC-61 DAC and then to my Accuphase C-250. I would like to do this in one box. Then I ... 
Can you help me select a pre/pro?
Thanks Javachip. What I meant was taking a standard 5.1 digital signal and downmixing it to 2 channels, including the LFE. (Many downmix options do not include the LFE channel.) I would also like the same pre/pro be able to process a 2 channel PCM... 
Tube amp for Sound Labs
Thanks for the great responses! You have given me the the kind of thoughtful information I have come to expect from fellow Audiogon members. 
speaker cable suggestion for Magnepans
I second the Kimber. I used them on my Maggies for yeays. I even rewired the crossovers with it and got great results. 
amp and pre for Soundlab M-1's
Most Sound Lab owners probably prefer tubes, but I am quite happy with my Accuphase amp and preamp combination. 
Kinetics Noise Control --- any experience?
I have my whole room treated and they work great. They also have a high WAF, she even helped pick out the color and fabric. 
Why does my system sound better??
I have noticed this also. My opinion is that the overall grounding configuration has been altered and does not return to its previous state until all components are turned off and then back on again. Try cycling everthing off and then back on and ... 
Soundlab speakers: Castors or Tiptoes?
I use Walker Valid Points under my A-3s. I got threaded posts for them and then drilled and tapped the wooden bottom and screwed them in. Incredible improvment over the casters. I experimented with the cone locations for several weeks first before... 
Magic Box by Mondial
The Magic is the best one I have used. They offer a version with a built-in splitter but I found too much signal loss for my taste, I use the single version. Jensen also makes an inline gound isolation transformer. 
How do I keep my cats off my amplifier?
Just gently shoo them off every time they climb up. After about a week or two, just rising up from my listening chair was enough to discourage them. Now, I simply lean forward when they eye it. They get the message and retreat. 
speaker cable for Sound Lab M-1
For my A-3s I am using a double run of Tara Air 2. 
A SoundLab question
I have the A-3s and have removed the 5 casters and replaced them with 3 Walker cones. I placed the cones directly under the speakers, not using the metal holder for the casters at all. The improvement was much more natural sounding and the soundst... 
preamp with video conversion
This type of conversion is generally handled by very expensive dedicated video processors like Faroudja, Runco and others... video conversion is not trivial. The new Accuphase VX-700 pre/pro has option slots for such video cards. 
Tara Labs IC range ? Which one to better RSC Prime
The RSC Prime is just above the entry level Prism in quality. The Air series is a significant step up from the Prime, especially in HF resolution. The Air 1 is supposed to be the best in the Air series, but I prefer the Air 2. Their reference seri... 
Anyone heard of Powervar conditioners?
The compression I noticed was a more 2-dimensional soundstage. The front to back depth was noticably more forward, although very very clean and quiet. I have a much older model Powervar, late 1980s vintage, maybe the newer ones do not have this is...