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Can I run a CD player & phono w/no preamp
Thanks Ozfly, and yes my amps have SE as well as XLR inputs. I guess my question would better be asked as can I connect the CD to one and the phono to the other permanetly. 
LLano Amps.
I can't help with any info on the Trinity's but I have been using a pair of A-300 mono amps (solid state) for 6 years now. They still amaze me. When I first bought them I was using a B&K preamp, which we later found out was not compatible with... 
increase transparency for philips sacd 1000
Well Done Sean!! 
could someone recommend some good acoustic music
Eric Clapton "Unplugged" 
My highest praise - for Audiogon
I too have been an Agon member for about 3 years now and I tip my hat to the staff and members. I have met some wonderful people and picked up some pieces of equipment that if not for this site I would not be able to afford. As the auctions go, I ... 
2 channel audio w/video question?
Thanks for the responses. So am I correct in assuming that at least the preamp must always be on for the signal to pass through or did I miss the boat here. 
AC Power cords, which components 1st...?
Between the DAC and Transport which would be first. 
What after the old CD player? CDP, SACD or DVD-a?
I agree with Tim. I am also putting my money into redbook CD. I'm hoping this will still end up being the ultimate standard. Neverless, I still am not ready to replace all my redbook for whatever. Then again, There is always vinyl, but we won't go... 
EVS Millenium Owners
I beleive I remember reading in an earlier post that the teac is the one sean recomended to you and he was sorry he didn't buy it himself. Correct? It sounds like everyone is still very happy with their EVS units. I had emailed Ric about a week ag... 
Speaker Options
Don't know what your budget is but you may want to check out the VMPS RM series at I have not heard the new RM series but they have been getting alot of rave reviews. Good luck on your search. 
EVS Millenium Owners
Thanks for the input guys. This is my first bout with an outboard DAC and I can't decide if I'm up to the mix and match game. I have been considering picking up a (used) Theta Pearl, SFT-1 or possibly a Meridian transport to go with this. My probl... 
Best sounding CD player for 6,000.
Who sells the Vecteur Transport? 
Are you Guys Rich or What!?
Mvwine you are my hero. I have to walk at least 20 feet to get to my wine rack. If only they could make a audiophile quality CD player that also dispensed wine I would be in Audio heaven. 
Any thoughts or experiences with DH Labs cables
I don't know what your budget is and if you are planning on buying new or used. I used the BL-1's for several years and and was happy until I finally switched over to the Harmonic Tech Pro-Sliway (used here on Agon). Difference of night and day. C... 
Transports not important any longer?
Could someone please explain to me what a DSD is?Thanks,Brian