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Need streaming setup help!
This is exactly the information I'm looking for - Thanks! Please keep the comments coming... I like the idea of a minimal setup (less is more),, but don't want to sacrifice sound quality. 
Best high-efficiency speaker for Unison S6 EL34-based integrated
Wow - great advice! Thanks all. I'll check into every suggestion. Can anyone chime-in with any experience with Reference 3A and EL34-based amps? 
Best high-efficiency speaker for Unison S6 EL34-based integrated
Thanks all for the great suggestions... Has anyone had experience with Audio Note or WLM? I'd go for the Devore Orangutan O/93 or O/96, but they're too expensive, even second hand. 
Very Bad purchase from upscale audio Acoustic Zen Adagio
I've dealt with Kevin a few times and he's always had a condescending attitude. Not sure why he's successful. Maybe customers like to be mistreated and disrespected. 
Proac Response 2.5 /Proac Response D15 suitable amps??
I have a the newest version of Unison Research class A S6 integrated amp (EL34 tubes) that's rated at 35w/channel powering my Proac Response 2.5 speakers. Plenty of power, and the best synergy I've had between amp and speakers out of the dozens of... 
Which Harbeths for 14x35x12 living/kitchen space?
Hi river251-I've owned the Harbeth Compact 7ES3 and the Monitor 30.1, and while they are head and shoulders above many of the speakers I've owned, I keep going back to the late 90s Proacs. Just love the voicing of the Response series being driven ... 
Proac response One SC or Proac response D15??
Just my 2 cents worth, but I've owned a couple different generations of Proacs, andĀ feel thatĀ the late 90s generation (Response 1S, 1SC, 2, 2S, 2.5, 3.8...) have the "soul" and emotional engaging quality that the later D-series is missing. I've ow... 
Harbeth vs JM Reynaud
I've owned both Harbeth and Reynaud, and was unable to get the Offrande Supreme V2 to sound it's best with the rest of my system in my room. I really enjoyed their lively sonic signature, but there was a noticeable midbass suckout that left the mu... 
Speakers sonically similar to Sonus Faber?
I'd throw in the Gemme Audio Tanto, a small floorstanding speaker with great sonics, similar to my old Sonus Faber Cremonas. Gemme has gone out of business, but they'd be easy to repair if necessary down the line, with readily available drivers. T... 
Any experience with Sonus Faber Electa Amator II?
I seem to remember the Ocos cables being the cable of choice for Dynaudio monitors back in the 90s?(thanks for all the GREAT responses)-Bob 
Any experience with Sonus Faber Electa Amator II?
That's the version I you're referring to. The EAII is the follow-up with cheaper (but supposedly better integrated) Scanspeak tweet. 
Totem Mani 2 Sig. vs Dynaudio C1
Yes, Barry, that's what I would assume - makes sense to me. In that case, neither the Totem or Dyn would be the best choice for low volume listening. I have heard too, that the later C1s are much better at low volume - something about a tweak to t... 
Totem Mani 2 Sig. vs Dynaudio C1
Great responses, all. Thank you!Can anyone tell me if either works better at low volume? 
Totem Mani 2 Sig. vs Dynaudio C1
Great, thanks Xti16 - all good info. Now, can anyone comment who has had experience with both the Mani 2 sig. and Dyn C1?-Bob 
Subwoofer match for Harbeth 30.1
Thanks! Great suggestions all. Keep them coming...