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DAC for Sony SCD-C333ES
Why not get your new tube amp first then see how you like the sound? The amount you are willing to spend on a DAC will probably not give you that much of an improvement-but that same amount spent on mods is a much better upgrade. 
cornfedboy, signing off
Thank you for moving up and providing a much needed service where your professional background will improve a process which is headed in the right direction. 
adcom gfa 555 vs 555 II
Did you know that Adcom amps are good candidates for modding? I spent $300 to have a 555 hot rodded and have kept it (primarliy as a backup) while others have come and gone. Modding opened mine up and provided sonic benefits which far outweighed t... 
SF upgrade of SFD 2 to Mark III status
Better hurry SF is going out of high end 2 channel biz and concentrating on Anthem HT. Too bad Paradigm bought the company so they could sell more mass market spkrs to all the Vidiots out there. 
Where to buy bases w/spikes for floor standers???
Go to a better tile store and get some granite tile (or whatever)std sizing may work or they can cut pieces to your specs. Use construction adhesive to bond the tile to the MDF, clamp it and let it dry. Install spikes and inserts obtained from DIY... 
Why Doesn't Contemporary Jazz Get Any Respect?
Smooth Jazz is to Jazz as Bubblegum is to Rock. Donny and Marie and the Rolling Stones can both be found in the Rock section but we all know who the real rockers are. Now there are real Jazz musicians creating comtemporary music who are legitimate... 
Audio Alchemy DDE V3 experts required
Does anyone know where to get a schematic for the DDEv3 ? 
Best jazz either purchased or released in 2001
Cacahito for Latin jazz and Philadelphia Experiement for some funk, and the Hawk in Hi Fi for classic. 
your favorite violin or fiddle cuts, and why?
Anything by Mark O'Connor 
The most important piece in a stereo system???
The most important part of my system is my ears. We all hear differently thats why there are some many choices of equipment and without the ability to listen the equipment is just metal, plastice, wood and wires. 
Anyone have honest opinion of Jolida amps?
Two years ago I was looking for a an integrated amp and Jolida was on my auditon list. As I was looking them over I noticed that the demo and several new units had wobbly knobs probably due to bent shafts and that the metal case work was so junky ... 
TIVO and Ultimate TV. Any recommendations?
I would highly recommend a replay unit where there is no subscription fee. I have the panasonic show stopper version and the only area where the sony tivo is slightly better is in the remote control design. This is the ONLY way to deal with t.v. 
Original Packaging, you gotta have it.
UPS tried to deny my insurance claim on speakers whcih were shipped in original boxes. They said that the speakers were not properly packaged. Its odd that the speakers were origianlly shipped to the U. S. from England first to the distributor and... 
Best version of the Little Drummer boy?
Ray Cahrles version will blow you away 
SACD review site a go Now, I need your input ...
Keep tight control over member postings. Some of the biggest turn offs for A-gon and AA are postings which are not subject related and the flames. A-gon has done a good job of getting rid of the trouble makers who tried to hi-jack the forum and tu...