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Pro-Ject 2Xperience Classic or Music Hall mmf 7.1
Rockstream, I have been going through the same exercise as you on choosing a turntable. I ended up going with the Music Hall MMF 7.1 with the Music Hall Mojo cartridge (made by Ortofon). Unlike the Pro-ject Xperience the motor on the MMF 7.1 is co... 
Emotiva XDA-1, is it any good?
I have one and really like it; it has a nice analog sound and in my opinion it beats out the Cambridge DacMagic and PS Audio Digital Link III, both of which I have owned. For the $299 price it is a true bargain and there is a 30 day money back gua... 
Audio Research LS17 vs First Sound Presence MKII
I have never heard of First Sound Presence but I have an LS17 and love it; it is being replaced by an LS27 though. Eventhough my monoblocks are balanced and single-ended I prefer running single-ended between the preamp and amps; the LS17 has a lot... 
Solid State Amp for Usher Be-718
I'm using a W4S ST-250 with the BE-718s with very good results. My room is 13x20x8. 
Electro-Harmonix 6H30pi Gold vs Sovtek 6H30pi eb
I prefer the E-H 6H30 gold pin to the Sovtek 6H30 in the ARC LS17. 
Anyone compared 6922 Sovtek & Electro-Harmonix
I tried the E-H 6922 gold pin in an ARC LS16 and didn't care for it; kind of bland. Liked the Sovtek 6922 much better. 
PS Audio DLIII v Peachtree Nova DAC
I agree with Johsti; I feel the PS Audio DL III outperforms the Peachtree Decca and Nova dacs hands down. 
Is there a qulaity DAC that has USB and coaxial.
Just noticed this thread. I'm surprised nobody specifically mentioned the PS Audio Digital Link III. It has both coax and USB, sounds great, and is really easy to use. I personally like it better than the W4S Dac-1. 
Class D amps and Revel Salons
I don't have Revels but have a pair of 4 ohm Dynaudio Contour 3.4s which are not all the efficient (mid 80s). Presently I'm using a Wyred 4 Sound ST-250 with very good results. I also have a B&K 125.2 and sonically I like the Wyred 4 Sound amp... 
Emotiva XPA-1 or Wyred SX/ST-1000
My apologies regarding my previous post; I had the XPA-2 stereo amp and not the XPA-1; was thinking the XPA-1 was the big stereo amp. Another nice thing about the W4S amps is you won't have to worry about developing a hernia; I would keep my eye o... 
Emotiva XPA-1 or Wyred SX/ST-1000
Just my 2 cents; I had an Emotiva XPA-1 last year; it's pleasant and easy on the ears but I got kind of bored with it's sound and sold it. Presently I'm using a Wyred 4 Sound ST-250 and like it much better. My preamp is an ARC LS16, speakers are D... 
McIntosh MC501 vs Wyred SX1000
Mcondon - Which W4S amp did you have? I had a B&K 4420 a while back. The W4S ST-250 I presently own lierally stomped the B&K. 
Wyred 4 Sound.....Anyone?????
I purchased a Wyred 4 Sound ST-250 power amp just a short time ago and am using it with an Audio Research LS16 preamp. One thing that some may overlook about the Wyred equipment is the power cord. I initially used a Pangea AC-9 and thought somethi... 
Best used preamp for $1500?
best solid state preamp from Audio Research?
I've had the LS3, LS9 and LS12. The LS12 sounded the best.